Group Leader Technical Notes

Since we deliver content exclusively through the phone/web, there are a few things that you'll need to know as a Group Leader. Please read the instructions CAREFULLY.  If you have any technical difficulties, comments, compliments or suggestions, please email our team at, or Chad Williams, the Group Operations Manager (

Class rolls

Your class rolls will come by email 1-4 days before your course starts. You'll have information on each participant. Some participants may not provide their information, although we attempt to collect it from each person.

Analyzer Results for Your Participants: What is their situation?

On your class rolls, for each person, you'll see a piece of information that looks like F-H-K-4-FHL-6-7-8-FCC-FHM-FT-12. These are the participants' analyzer results. The analyzer is a tool we use to collect information about the participant's situation. You can see the analyzer and take it yourself at

To help you understand and decipher the results, please view the google spreadsheet Analyzer for Facilitators. In the spreadsheet, there are further instructions on how to figure out what the string of letters and numbers means. You can gain a lot from this little string of letters and numbers. It is not as complicated as it looks at first glance. Please contact me if you have any questions about it.

See a tutorial for finding your group's analyzer results

See in Full Screen

Go to the Analyzer for Facilitators now and discover your participants' results.

Conference Call: What do I need to do?

The conference call system we use is It allows participants to call in from their computer (with mic & headphones) or from a regular phone. Your options for joining the call are

  1. Either Call in on your phone only (long distance)
    1. Call 724-444-7444
    2. Enter the call ID (sent by email with your rolls)
    3. Enter the Facilitator PIN (sent by email with your rolls)

  2. Call in on your phone and use your computer to view the participants on the call to see who is there, who is talking and if anyone happens to use the chat function (available for Mac and PC users).
    See detailed instructions with pictures and video.
    1. Turn down your speakers so there is no feedback
    2. You will not be able to talk via your computer
    3. Go to the talkshoe page for your call (sent by email with your rolls)
    4. Click the large, brightly colored "Join in" button
    5. At prompt, enter the username and password (sent by email with your rolls)
    6. With your phone, call 724-444-7444
    7. On your phone and when prompted, enter the call ID (sent by email with your rolls)
    8. On your phone and when prompted, enter the Group Leader PIN (sent by email with your rolls)

  3. Call in via the computer (You will need a good mic and headphone set. Not available with Mac).
    See detailed instructions with pictures
    1. BEFORE your call, follow the instructions for setting up your computer found here:
    2. To start the call go to the talkshoe page for your call (link sent by email with your rolls)
    3. Click on the small, brightly colored button that says "TalkShoe live pro with ShoePhone"
    4. At prompt, enter the username and password (sent be email with your rolls)
    5. Click again on the small, brightly colored button that says "TalkShoe live pro with ShoePhone"
    6. Click on the "ShoePhone" to join the call and talk through your computer.

If you choose to call via your computer (option 3), you will need to download a small, free program from TalkShoe BEFORE your call starts. If you choose to simply view and monitor the call by computer (option 2) but not actually talk through your computer, then you will not need to download anything.

Schedule a test call? If you would like to schedule a test call to check your computer set up or see how it works on the phone, call us at 888-527-2367 (toll free) or email at Forums: Communicating with your group throughout the week

Your small group has a forum on Be sure to log in periodically to write to your group. The forums can be a VITAL link to your group throughout the week. Be sure to encourage them and keep up the connection between your calls.

You can choose to get notifications immediately, hourly, daily, or weekly for any forum that is in your notification list.

For your small group, you'll likely want to get the notification immediately by email, whereas for the larger groups, like ARC, you'll want to get the notifications perhaps only daily.


  1. Go to "My account" on the left menu
  2. Refer to the directions on the right on the "my account" page or continue these steps
  3. Click on "Notifications" then "Subscriptions"
  4. On the far right, click on "edit" for the forum that you would like to change
  5. Under "Send Interval" select the frequency you prefer
  6. To see step by step instructions with pictures, log in then go here:

Check your forum notification settings now: My account

Need help?

If you need technical help during your call, you can email Erin at or call/text her cell at 405-413-7171. She will be on the first call to be certain that everyone arrives. During the week or at any other time, reach Erin at 888-527-2367.