Monitoring a Talkshoe Call on the Computer

You will need:

  • The link for your group's call
  • The talkshoe account information for your call
  • Your phone
  • Your computer

Making the call

  1. Find and follow the link for your call (in your email, ARC small group page, etc). You will not be able to search TalkShoe to find it.

  2. Click on the "TalkShoe Live JOIN IN! button

  3. In the new window that is created, log in as prompted.

  4. Your call will display similarly to this:

  5. Remember:
    1. Call in with your phone
    2. Recording will start automatically
    3. TURN DOWN your speakers
    4. You cannot talk through the computer using this method.
    5. Using *6 callers can mute themselves

  6. Please watch this short video (1:55 minutes) for an explanation of what you see in the call window.