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General tips

  • The website will log you out for inactivity if you are on one page for more than 40 minutes. So compose in Notepad or Word then copy and paste into the forum. So that if you write longer than expected, the site will not log you out for lack of activity which results in losing your post.
  • Word 2007 users: You cannot copy and paste directly from Word. It will produce extra code from Microsoft that is unintelligible and messy. Instead, compose in notepad or copy from Word, paste into notepad, then copy from notepad and paste into the website.
  • Make sure to read EVERYTHING your mentor/subscriber writes to you before you respond. Don’t skim and then respond, read it thoroughly.
  • Read your post before you post it. Make sure that it really expresses your thoughts and emotions properly. Remember that you mentor/subscriber won't hear your tone of voice or emphasis on a word. Try to read it in a neutral or other tone and see if your thoughts still come out right.
  • Remember to REMAIN ANOYMOUS!

Viewing forums

  • Mentors can see all the forums in order to help and encourage each other.
  • Site members can see only their own forum, General Forum, Prayer Room and any course or EMS forums they have enrolled in.

Topic pages

  • The next/previous topic is displayed under the initial comment, between the horizontal lines. (this order will change because the posts are listed according to the date of the most recent post)

Forum pages

  • The envelope color indicates read/unread (yellow is unread)
  • You can sort the forum topics by title, number of replies, created by, or time of last post


If you have any additional suggestions, please visit our contact page and let us know.