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Free EMS online course

I would like to take your online course because its been 1 1/2 years since I discovered my wife's affair and we are stuck as housemates without talking about moving on.

Free entry for EMS online course

The articles on your website have been insightful and encouraging during a very painful journey. Hearing the perpective of someone who has experiened the pain is quite different from visiting a counselor who has not actually experienced the devasting effects of an affair, and sometimes says things that make the pain worse. I continue to look for help to cope and maybe this course may provide something that I need.

EMSO entry

My husband and I are seeking recovery after my discovery of his infidelity. We are encouraged by what God has done in each of us and in our marriage thus far, but we know there is further healing to be head. EMSO sounds like something that could help us as we seek more for our marriage. Thanks for your ministry. It has been so helpful in our journey.


I would love to have the opportunity to connect with other women who have experienced what I have. I am drowning in grief and it's been three years. Please. Help. I want to be able to go one day without the sorrow.

Free EMS online

Married almost 22 years- together almost 25. D day was last May 15- date is scarred into our lives. He had a 3 year textbook work affair- my reaction has been textbook as well. There is nothing about our situation that is unique, the trauma and not healing. We are missing a key piece to moving forward whichinI turn will allow healing. We have followed all the recommended instructions on your site, specialty counselor and two other recommended for affair recovery support. We are doing most of the steps but I think a missing part is that we are taking steps out of sync with each other. The steps are not together and we are lost on how to merge it all. Our goal is to stay married, address unspoken concerns, fill the pot holes that allowed the neglect to detach us from each other. We need someone or something that we can both see and follow together to recovery. He is working on goals by himself as am I. We need help working on goals together and in the right order. SINCERELY, K & T

Why i would like to take the new EMS course

Almost 4 years ago, my ex-husband started his affair. He moved out a few months later. He has bounced back and forth between the two of us for a while before finally divorcing me. 4 months after the divorce he moved in with her. Three weeks later he realized he had screwed up big time. He is moving out and would like to try us again. We could really use some help and guidance trying to make this work. When we were going through mediation before the divorce was finalized, the mediator made a comment to him that he shared with me. She told him she had never seen a couple who still cared about each other the way we did, even after two and a half years of being separated. I love my husband. I know that I need help/guidance to work on skills that will make our marriage blossom, and he has said the same about himself. I think that this would benefit us both. Thank you.

We have come out of the eye

We have come out of the eye of the storm, but there is wreckage all around. Of all the resources who have helped me navigate my way, this is the one where I always walk away with insight and awareness. My husband and I are BOTH in a place to receive some support now and our resources are limited. This would be a great opportunity and timing for us! Thanks for making this available to someone and all the effort you ( Rick and your team) put into supporting individuals going through this. It is a very isolating experience indeed. And it is appreciated.

EMS Online

My husband and I are on day 4 of the boot camp and after two years of struggling (discovery was 3 Dec 2012), I have never felt the sense of peace that I have this week. We were just discussing after our study last night that this week of true communication and a special connection has been just awesome. We have been on such a high that I fear what comes when we finish this boot camp. I would love for us to be able to participate on the online EMS and truly appreciate all of the effort that was put into such an amazing recovery process for so many out there that have struggled to find that connection they were searching for. Thank you

Free Drawing for new EMS Online

Married 32-1/2 yrs to love of my life. Am trying to work through his 2-1/2 yr affair-Dday 4 mos ago. Struggling to keep moving forward w/his "get over it" attitude. I/we need help & feel EMS Online could be a huge benefit to move us forward together.

Affair Life Preserver Needed

The ONLY thing that has enlightened, given me/spouse the right type of insight, and the spot on information needed is the Affair Recovery website. Our marriage is in the grey area at this point, and we desparately need more appropriate guidance. The therapists we have seen in the past just made things worse. I now feel like I have been in the most tragic accident and have gouging wounds so deep it would take a lot to help them heal. The EMSO Affair Recovery has been the best rehabilitation care one can receive. Me and my spouse NEED this vital information in order to survive, or our marriage may become more infected. I wish we could afford to attend the retreat and pay for all that the Affair Recovery sytem has to offer, but unfortunately we can't. So any help we can get would be greatly appreciated and needed. Thank you for having a drawing to allow a lucky couple to have the opportunity to receive vital information. Have a wonderful day!

Geometry of the Cross

I would love to participate in the new online EMS course in order to be a beacon of hope to those who are unfortunately joining this community. By the grace of God my wife and I have more light than darkness now, two years after discovery of her second affair. Looking back now over the two affairs, I can not actually say that I wish they would have never happened. One year ago I can't imagine having said that, but I truly KNOW my relationship with my Lord and Saviour would not be where it is today if I hadn't gone through those dark times. It helped me to see that all my hopes and dreams were pinned on another imperfect human being in a fallen world instead of on Him.
I feel grateful to be able to utilize the horizontal axis of the Cross to assist fellow brothers and sisters through this most painful experience of infidelity. It does me no good to not share within this community when He has been so generous with me through the vertical axis of the Cross. Thanks and God Bless!

EMS online course

I would love for my husband and I to take your online course! I have done a lot of individual counseling and I am doing mostly good after my husband's infidelity. However, we have done very little together and I know we could benefit from working on things together more. I still struggle with triggers and intrusive thoughts quite a bit.

A new beginning

it had been over 7 years since the first discovery of my wife's affair. Since then it has been a teeter totter of doing well and ultimately my wife getting involved with another man. This has now been the third time in 7 years. We are broken down to the core and while we are getting help we need much more to experience the fuller relationship we both seek. We are strapped financially and I thought if I could win this it would be a significant blessing and step in the right direction

ems online

I would love to take the course. Its been over a year since I discovered my husbands online affair and we are still stuck at the beginning because he still doens't seem to get it......He continues to be stuck in his shame and guilt and isn't able to get out of this mode so we can begin healing..In fact so many things have been made worse by our inability to deal with this........Thank you for consideration.

It's been almost a year since

It's been almost a year since I discovered my wife's affair. I would like to have more tools to help with our recovery.


My third D-Day is today 3/13 so thought this is a good signal to enter in the drawing. It took months to learn about all of the affairs that occured over our 12 years of dating and 6 years of marriage. Our life has been changed in many ways (some good, some bad). There are signs of Gods grace and healing but there is still so much pain. We have tried a retreat, 2 marriage counselors, a support group, and individual therapy with 4 different therapists to get our life back on track. I think this course would be a great opportunity that unfortunatley we are unable to afford at this time (we have and continue to be impacted financially by the consequences of my husband's last affair).

EMSO entry

After 30 years of marriage my husband had an 18 month affair. It has been 6 months since disclosure and although we are making progress we still need help working through this. Of all the materials and programs I've found your free materials are the best and your program seems to fit our needs.

EMS course online

After finding out 4 months ago of my husband's 2 year affair with one of my best friends, I'm devastated and know this course will be a life line.

Drawing for online course

Having read the other comments posted there is not much else I can add. There aeems to be many broken-hearted couples that are looking for honest, reliable, vetted and transparent help and this course seems to fit the bill. Financially some of us have trouble paying for it.

I have appreciated the free videos and articles that have been provided. They feel genuine and heartfelt and offer real help and don't seem like a marketing ploy. It would be great if insurance would pitch in or pay for it.

Epic battle

Oct 2014 I caught my husbands year long affair, an affair that took place while sharing in the experience of writing OUR story.

I'm stuck. We've tried an intensive marriage retreat but it didn't focus on the affair. Taking the Bootcamp course is the only glimmer of hope I've seen in us being able to grasp getting back on the same page. EMSO seems to be our HOPE to get 'US' on that same page and truly healed.

To find more hope and help

To find more hope and help

My wife and I are trying to

My wife and I are trying to get through the fog and we are desperately in need of guidance.

EMS Online Drawing

My husband and I have participated in the Hope For Healing and Harboring Hope courses. They have been a tremendous help as we recover from the trauma of infidelity. Doing the EMS course together would help further our recovery and, I believe, strengthen our marriage.

EMS Online

I would like to try this course as we have been struggling since January 2012 when my husband disclosed his affair. He is now seeking mediation and divorce, but is looking to me to change and make things better. I am not sure I have the strength to do so as I continue to have so much resentment. I have also just lost my job and would love an opportunity to try this course as nothing so far has worked.

online course

There seems to be a plethora of bad advice and information on how to deal with infidelity, but the information provided by affair recovery seems to be right on the mark. I would like to take the online course to see if our marriage can be saved.

We need EMS Online

We need to build our new life. After two years, we are still working on starting over. I do not want our lives to be all about the affair. It is difficult to live in a relationship that is focused on another one that is long over. We have to move forward. In order to do that, we need some support, education and different ways to communicate. We still have issues with triggers/responses, trust and intimacy; on both our parts.

Unfortunately, counseling brought us only so far and now I am out of work with skills related to a fading industry. We had issues dealing with life changes prior to the affair.The aftermath has only added to our struggles.

Please help us be a better couple. Only our deep love for each other has held us together this long.

EMS Online Free

It's been almost 2 years since discovery of my husband's 5 year long affair with a coworker. Although I'm still seeing a counselor and trying to work on me, he's stopped seeing his counselor and keeps putting me off when I talk about couples counseling. I feel like we're in this holding pattern and frankly I don't want things like this. I want the BETTER marriage. But I feel like I"m the only one doing anything. Maybe doing the EMSO would help.

2+ years out, still working

Married 19+ years at the time of fher affair - another textbook work affair. She's been great in turning it around, I'm still struggling at times. I don't feel the remorse, I don't see her prioritizing my needs. We've gone back to routine and I long for more. More intimacy, more connection. I used to sleep like a rock, now I rarely sleep well. Lots of nightmares, lots of waking up at 3am with negative thoughts and hopelessness. Sometimes I wonder what is left and if we're both just staying for the kids but not admitting it. We've kept it all quiet too, so I have to carry her secret. Sometimes I think it's just too much. I want more for our marriage.

Random Free EMS

Since this is a random selection, I am just going to say that I hope we are the couple. It may be a good thing that this is random, as I am sure it would be difficult for anyone to pick one couple who is more deserving. How do you weigh pain? This whole experience is lonely, life altering and more hurt than I could have imagined. We all need help.

Hope of how to survive Infidelity

It had been 15 months since I was told by his ex-wife that they had an affair in 2012, which was 10 years after we had been together and 6 years after we were married. We have come a long way since that D day of Jan.2 2014. Yet we still need further assistance. Other than information/help that has been found online we have been unable to afford counseling and very few people know what has happened. My mother is my best friend but I can't tell her as she would not be able to handle the news (for many reasons). The pain that I and anyone else who has experienced infidelity is like no other pain one has ever felt and I know the EMS online will help us to continue to work our way through and will help us grow closer to God. I struggle to even type this information as I have really had no one to talk with and it would be a welcome relief to open up to others who have felt this kind of pain and betrayal.


It's been 3 years since D-day and we have never recovered. We tried marriage counseling and it only made things worse. He has bounced back and forth from working on things to leaving. His shame, anger and bitterness about what happened has caused more damage and we are in divorce. We both love each other but can not seem to get past the struggle to fix our family. I would sign up for the retreat if I could afford it financially. I hope this online course can finally help us move past all the damage and give our family a stabile home. You website has been a tremendous help to me.

Healthier marriage

Close to 2 years after Dday we have found ourselves stuck on a plateau- would love to take Ems online to help us continue to move to a healthy and beautiful marriage.

Free Drawing EMS

Hi I would like to enter for this drawing EMS 2nd edition. Restoration will occur and using this new 2nd can help in allowing

We need help!

Going to God during this turmoil has been all that has kept my sanity. In 15 years of marriage we've had many problems. It's been 2 years since he confessed his affair with "our friend" and I've been hurt, angry, confused, understanding, compassionate, destructive. So many emotions and stuck questioning if there's hope. The resources I've read have helped bring some peace and clarity. We need this course to heal and build a stronger marriage so we do not pass a shaky legacy onto our children.

Free drawing for the new ems online course

Married for 31 years, it's been almost a year since I found out about my husband 13 year affair, that affair lasted almost half of our marriage. I really need the help to get to a better place in my life, I am still struggling with everything I have found out, we need the help


We keep spinning in the same old cycle. If things don't change soon, I don't see us with a future which makes me incredibly sad but I can't keep living this way. He, I, we have tried counseling, 12 step groups, etc and it's not been working. Maybe this will give us what we need to move forward in a positive way. I don't want to give up hope quite yet.


I would love to win this. We just celebrated our 27th anniversary yesterday and have been together for 31 years. It's been 6 months since this last discovery and since Christmas eve that I think it's actually ended. 4 1/2 years ago I discovered my husband had a year long affair. I was devastated but decided to really try and make my marriage work. The next four years I thought our marriage was better than ever. What I discovered was he was better than ever at deception.
The affair was ended over and over only to go back again and again.
I use everything I can find on your site to help that's free. I can't afford to buy the course. We both work full time but we have both of our adult children along with one spouse and 2 grandchildren which we are supporting. Because of them living with us and being responsible to care for our one grandchild while her single father works, we don't get to concentrate on us very much.
Please, we want to make this work. I want to trust my husband again. I want to move beyond this and have the marriage that God designed for us.
Thank you for all you do and God bless you

EMS online course

Coming across your website and recieving the email articles have been a tremendous blessing in themselves. Knowing we are not alone and there is hope is a comforting feeling. The las 3yrs have been a whirlwind of emotions and events. God has called us to this marriage, but we often stumble without the proper tools and resources. We have 2 babies 6mo apart under a year old. I want to be able to find healing and confidence so that we may raise them with love in a healthy and thriving home.

EMS Online

My wife and I are on year 3 of recovery. For her its still like we just started. I have struggled with giving her what she needs from me in. I feel I am the example for how not to do everything. I am in a place where I feel the Lord has broken me and has me open to see His way is the way not mine. I see this bright future for us but need help betting us there.

Help Needed

I took the harboring Hope course last summer and it was very helpful for me. I have been trying to convince my husband to take this class with me because we are no longer making any forward progress. He agreed to take the course and when I tried to sign up I found that I could not until 3/24. I was very disappointed but am looking forward to signing up. I am hopeful that this may be what moves the marriage forward enough to keep working at it instead of giving up. Thank you for all you do. Your course and weekly articles have been a Godsend to me.

EMS Online Course

This website has been invaluable to my husband an I during this difficult time. It's a source of comfort and education at a time when we feel so alone. Sadly, we are not alone in this battle. The EMS Online Course would be another piece of the puzzle and allow for further healing and restoration for all affected by this tragedy. Thank you for the opportunity to enter. All the best to everyone trying to pick up the pieces.


Utilizing the free resources has been very helpful thus far, but like so many others' comments, I feel stuck in all this anguish and resentment. Intellectually I understand the dynamics of what led to his affair, but my heart can't seem to recover from the betrayal.
It is both comforting and completely saddening that so many people are going through the aftermath of infidelity.

Drawing Entrance

I really need this


It has been 4 years since discovery of my husbands 14 month affair. A baby was born out of this affair and although we don't share custody of this child we do pay child support every month. Between the betrayal, the money going out monthly as well as my fear of this child coming into my family's life (we have 2 children of our own) later is just still so overwhelming to me. I feel so stuck in my healing process.

Free Course

I would like to take your course because my wife and I seem to be stuck in this destructive cycle and need help getting out of this cycle

Enter to Win Online EMS course

I would love to take this course online with my husband. He doesn't have time to go to a counselor, or anywhere, since we own our own business and he works 6 days a week. I have been reading and listening to everything you have to offer on your site, for the last 14 months, and I have to say your education and wisdom on this subject have truly saved me. Thank you so much.

A pandora box was opened. I

A pandora box was opened. I realized that we have ignored God in our relationship that it became easier to fall into temptation. After dday and trying to resolve our issues, we rediscovered each other and started to enjoy each other's company. However, a slew of storms put us again in continuing crisis. Only a few knew what we've been through as i try to shield those who are dear to us. The affairrecovery website encourages me to become a better person. I can now emphatize with people undergoing similar pain and that made me feel more human and spiritually alive. The painful memories and the triggers come unexpectedly but slowly I learned to focus and claim victory on God's word which I realized is active and alive. There is always hope.

Moving Forward

I found out while back that my wife she had still been seeing her affair partner. In fact, I had to kick her out the week after Valentine's day. She finally wants to heal our marriage, and we are healing together now, so I would like to take the EMS course online now that we have a common goal of a better marriage.

First off, I would like to

First off, I would like to thank the Affair Recovery and their team for this wonderful website. If it wasn't for the resources, that you so kindly have given on this site. I don't know where I would be today. I think it really opened my husband eyes to know how much pain I am in. So, thank you, thank you. My D-day is coming up on July 4, it will be one year. I am not looking forward to that day. I just want to crawl in a hole and not come out. My heart still hurts, the pain is so real, I have never in my life been in a situation so painful. Fortunately, my husband still wants to remain married after having the affair. It has been a journey so far, but I would love the opportunity to be able to further your online class. I sit and read all the comments of so so many hurt people out there and wonder why so much pain. But, I am a believer of God Almighty and I know, that I know, that I know, there will be good that comes from this journey. Until then, here is to all the healing hearts out there!

Spinning wheels

We've gotten through the confession, but haven't been able to bring any trust back. I'm still having back flashbacks and can't stop thinking about what was done. Time isn't working, we need something more structured than just waiting it out.