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Text How Could You? Part III: Moral Justification 1/15/2020
Text How Could You? Part II: The Thought Processes That Lead to Betrayal 1/7/2020
Text How Could You? Part I: Why We Commit Betrayal With Infidelity 1/1/2020
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Text Are You Forgivable? Part 3: Stupid Apologies 11/13/2019
Text Are You Forgivable? Part 2: 7 Myths Undermining Forgiveness 11/6/2019
Text Are You Forgivable? Part 1: Self Assessment 10/30/2019
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Text What It Takes To Survive an Affair: 3 Must Have Components 10/9/2019
Text Anger: Its 6 Roots 10/2/2019
Text Why Did They Choose the Affair Partner? 9/25/2019
Text Forgiveness: A Letter to My Younger Self 9/18/2019
Text Common Justifications for Why Women Cheat 9/11/2019
Text Affair Partners: Eight Reasons Not to Confront Them 9/4/2019
Text The Proper Use of Boundaries - Creating Space for Healing and Change 8/28/2019
Text Healing After Infidelity: What Doesn't Work. 8/21/2019
Text How to Find Answers 8/14/2019
Text Trauma and Infidelity 8/7/2019
Text Lies We Believe About Our Spouse 7/24/2019
Text Is There Hope After Infidelity? 7/17/2019
Text Hope Rising 2019: Conference for Betrayed Spouses 7/9/2019
Text What is Healing? 7/3/2019
Text Expectations of Empathy: A Betrayed Spouse’s Journey 6/26/2019
Text A Betrayed Spouse’s Journey: Rewriting the Past After Disclosure 6/12/2019
Text Social Shame: Four Ways to Stay In It 5/8/2019
Text Social Shame: Surviving Infidelity Isn’t Enough 5/1/2019
Text Social Shame: Have You Been Dishonored? 4/24/2019
Text Social Shame: Understanding the Paralysis of it 4/17/2019
Text The Power of Small Groups 4/10/2019
Audio Rekindling Desire After An Affair 4/4/2019
Text Grieving Betrayal 3/27/2019
Text How to Prevent Relapse: Healing After an Affair 3/20/2019
Text Understanding Codependency and Betrayal: An Excerpt from Harboring Hope 3/13/2019
Text The Problem with Forgiveness 3/6/2019
Text How Does the Betrayed Spouse Grieve Properly? 2/27/2019
Text Why People Cheat? Part 3: Justifications of the Unfaithful 2/20/2019
Text Why Do People Cheat? Part 2: Were They Predisposed to Cheat? 2/13/2019
Text Why Do People Cheat? Part 1: The Fog of Self Deception 2/6/2019
Text Bedside Forgiveness: When Death Coincides With Infidelity 1/30/2019
Text Forgiveness: How Does 70 Times 7 Work? 1/23/2019
Text A Betrayed Spouse Chimes In - How I Recovered After My Husband's Infidelity 1/16/2019
Text Healing After the Affair: Whether to get help? 1/9/2019
Text Six Types of Affairs 1/3/2019
Text Why Did They Cheat? Part 4: The Problem With Addictions 12/12/2018
Text Why Did They Cheat? Part 3: Do They Have an Addiction? 12/5/2018
Text Why Did They Cheat? Part 2: Entrapped or Enchanted 11/28/2018