D., Iowa

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In June 2019, my husband of 40 years told me that he’d been having an affair. He also admitted that he became addicted to watching pornography during his affair. After much soul-searching on both of our parts, we decided to attempt to save our marriage. We saw a marriage counselor and individual counselors. In many ways, our marriage became better than ever, but I still had so much hurt. That’s when I began to look online for support groups and found Harboring Hope. Harboring Hope is appropriately named because that’s exactly what the course did for me — it gave me hope, hope that I could heal and hope that our marriage could survive and even thrive. Although the course is written from a religious viewpoint, it’s easily applicable to anyone. A few of us were working on our marriages, and two women were healing on their own. Our group leader had experienced betrayal, a divorce and then a reconciliation, so she was definitely able to relate to all of us. I would definitely recommend Harboring Hope to any betrayed spouse who is looking for healing. It's wonderful to be with a group of people who understand your pain and are all striving to heal.

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D., Iowa