Group Leader Availability

For fully trained Affair Recovery Group Leaders

The form below is for those who have completed training or at least have begun the shadowing portion of training. If you have not been placed in a group to shadow, please email

Find specific monthly needs and course schedules at the bottom.

Complete the form below to let us know what courses you can lead, what days and times you can lead them, how many you can lead simultaneously in a given week, and what date you can start. Refer to the schedule at the bottom for starting dates.

PLEASE let us know before any missed or rescheduled call so we can adjust the surveys and emails your participants receive. Any change to day and time should be agreed upon by the group as a whole as they select their day and time when they sign up.

HOLIDAYS: Keep your stress level down for the holidays!

Take the holidays into consideration when letting us know of your availability to take a group. Especially for Christmas and New Year's. Christmas Eve and Day and New Year’s Eve and Day fall on Tuesdays and Wednesdays this year on back to back weeks. Affair Recovery strongly urges against missing 2 weeks in a row. If your group falls on a Tuesday or Wednesday through Christmas and New Year’s, you’ll either need to meet on one of the holidays or schedule a different day. Please discuss with your group early on about postponing the group by a week or meeting on a different day depending on your preference and group availability.

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Group Leader Needs

Dates below are the earliest starting dates for that month and are flexible up to 2 weeks. Deadline to add leaders to that month's list is 2 weeks prior. For example, if the 'starting week of' is April 21st, then the deadline to add the group would be 2 weeks earlier, on April 7th.

EMS Online

EMS Online groups can be led by individuals or couples.

(Starting week of)

  • August 18th : 13 more Leaders Needed
  • September 15th : 10 Leaders Needed
  • October 13th : 13 Leaders Needed
  • November 24th : 13 Leaders Needed
  • December 22nd : 14 Leaders Needed

Hope for Healing

(Starting week of)

  • August 4th : 3 more (Women) Leaders Needed
  • August 25th : 10 more Leaders Needed
  • September 22nd : 10 Leaders Needed
  • October 20th : 11 Leaders Needed
  • November 17th : 12 Leaders Needed
  • December 15th : 13 Leaders Needed

Harboring Hope

(Starting week of)

  • August 11th : 13 more Leaders Needed
  • September 8th : 12 more Leaders Needed
  • October 6th : 17 Leaders Needed
  • November 3rd : 18 Leaders Needed
  • December 1st : 18 Leaders Needed

Beyond EMS

This is the 6 week course participants of EMS Weekend participate in immediately after the weekend intensive. The small groups at the weekend will select their day and time on Saturday at the weekend. The Mentor Couple serving at that weekend have first option at leading the B-EMS group(s) from the weekend. On Monday immediately following the weekend, we will email everyone to inform them of the needs and the days and times. These groups can be led by individuals or couples.

(Starting week of)

  • July 28th : 5 more Leaders Needed
  • September 1st : 5 more Leaders Needed
  • October 27th : 5 Leaders Needed
  • November 24th : 5 Leaders Needed
  • December 22nd : 5 Leaders Needed