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Why become a Group Leader Now?

Many quickly respond that they're not ready because they don't feel they are fully healed and on the other side. Please consider the feedback one participant had 9 months after taking the next step of becoming a Group Leader.

"As I look back over the nine months I've been traveling with these women, I am amazed at the work [God] has done in my own heart. I'm vastly different from the woman I was then. Thank you for allowing me to continue my healing journey in this way. It's been better than dozens of counselors!"

T. | California


If you've been a part of any 12 step groups or are familiar with then, you'll know that Step 12 is the giving back step. Those who work the steps turn back and help others do the same while revisiting what they have already learned and solidifying those lessons moreso with each person they work with. This is the most important part of recovery.  This is where you will see growth in leaps and bounds.  This is where you see the purpose of the pain. It worked for the leader who made the comment above and it will work for you too. We believe "Healed individuals are vital guides" and we have worked this into the process of healing. We know how important this step is and we will support you and train you along the way just like we did through your coursework. You're not alone.  Don't worry about committing to leading a group right now, just commit to learning more about it and you can simply mentor a group alongside a veteran leader.  After that course you can decide if you want to take this step or not. Don't make the mistake of casting this aside and miss out on a huge opportunity of continued growth and healing.

Group Leader Testimonial: Amanda and Kenneth G.

This video features Amanda and Kenneth, bewell and kg78.  They share their experience of the healing journey they found through leading groups and how it took their healing to a whole new level of understanding.


Group Leader Testimonial: Alicia M.

This video features Alicia, alicia0815, sharing her experience as a Group Leader for Affair Recovery and encourages you to do the same. Her full video can be found here: Michael & Alicia's Mentor Video


Group Leader Testimonial: Gayle H.

The below video includes Gayle H, gayle2012, sharing her journey of becoming a Group Leader as a part of her personal recovery and offers encouragement to you as well.



A Conference Call in Real Life

Below is a fun video that plays out what a conference call would look like in real life. It really is funny, but it's funny because it's true. I share it with you not only so you can get a laugh, but also to help you have appropriate expectations for your calls. There will no doubt be difficulties from time to time and it's important to expect that and be prepared to respond appropriately to them.