P. Minnesota

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On and off for over 10 years I had an affair with a co-worker. The first D-day was over 10 years ago but in a moment of anger, my sister who knew of the affair in a group text told my husband and my siblings of a 2nd affair. Although not physical, an affair none the less. This started my husband on a journey that I didn’t see coming. After the first D-day we didn’t seek any help together really or separately. He dealt with his pain almost completely alone. I was happy to have it off my shoulders and desperately wanted it to go away and move on with our lives. We had 2 young kids at the time of the first D-day, I KNOW without a doubt that is why my husband stayed. With the 2nd disclosure our kids are almost adults and I knew this would be different. He found Affair Recovery and sent me some videos and it started from there. We both took the 7 day boot camp course and then both have taken the individual courses. Although we haven’t had “that” talk if we are staying together, there are MANY very good signs that we will and succeed.

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P. Minnesota