Harboring Hope Details

Components of your Harboring Hope course

A. Course materials, including a workbook and DVDs, will be delivered to your address in discreet packaging.

B. Your Small Group: Each member of the HARBORING HOPE course is assigned to a small group which has a weekly telephone conference to process homework and to receive encouragement. Each small group will also have its own private forum where members can communicate during the week.

C. A regular Q and A call conducted by Leslie and John. The call will be a live webinar where they answer questions submitted by the members of the Harboring Hope course. While they may not be able to answer all the questions submitted, they will certainly try to break the questions into the relevant categories so they can answer the most pressing questions.

D. The Library of Leslie and John calls. All Leslie and John's previously answered questions will be available to you to listen to. They are categorized by chapter and topic.

E. The Harboring Hope website. Additional materials will be posted in a members only area to facilitate your healing.

Ideally, the rhythm of the week will be to read the workbook and watch the DVD track(s), then meet with your small group, then listen to Leslie and John's call live or recorded. You will need to devote around 4 hours per week.

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