Please read the following information carefully, as some details have changed since EMS Weekend. Here are the groups:

Group 1
Tripp & Kathy
Jeff & Melanie
Brian & Linda
Scott & Pam
Luis & Carol
Aaron & Ashley

Group 2
Tavis & Lori
Greg & Emily
Shawn & Kim
Sam & Colleen
Alex & Becky

The best time for the groups to meet is Sundays at 4:30 PM Central Time
for Group 1 and Thursdays at 8:30 PM Central Time for Group 2.

Call details for Group 1:
Sundays at 4:30 PM beginning February 2
Phone number: (712) 432-3011
Conference Code: 694754

Call details for Group 2:
Thursdays at 8:30 PM beginning February 6
Phone number: (712) 432-3011
Conference Code: 177335

General information about the AR website

The first thing you'll need to note is that in order to do anything at (view resources, your group forums, etc) you'll
need to log in. If you've lost your password, you can use the "request new password" link on the log in page.

Getting Emails from AR
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Notifications from the AR forums
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How to use
The left menu will be your best friend. That's where you'll find links to the forums,
Rick's Q & A calls, Beyond EMS and Married for Life Lessons, and all the other resources that are available to you.

Walls and Forums
You have access to two different types of communities: the general AR community and your small group community from EMS Weekend. To post only to your EMSW community, use your small group wall under the My Courses heading. To post to the general community, use the General Community Forums, found under the AR Community heading.

We're so grateful that you've allowed us to help in your recovery. Please let us know if you have any questions.

To healing!