Rick Reynolds, LCSW
by Rick Reynolds, LCSW
Founder & President, Affair Recovery

Michael and Alicia: "I Want a Divorce" Is Not Always the End of the Story

Get ready for one of the most compelling stories of infidelity, divorce, and after taking EMS Online – remarriage.

From Michael and Alicia: “You need to know there is hope. You need to know that there is life after an affair. EMS Online provided us with the foundational steps and process you need to take to recover from infidelity. Michael learned what was needed for me to feel safe in order to heal. And In the process of becoming vulnerable and honest, he too found hope and healing. Our desire is that our story will provide you hope for your journey.”

Rather than jumping towards divorce, consider if there is anything at all worth salvaging. We don’t want people to just stay in a bad marriage, we want them to develop a transformed marriage that thrives and brings joy and life.  Maybe you too are struggling with finding hope for you own future or for your marriage. It may sound cliché, but I’ll tell you, we continue to see miracle after miracle. Couples who were stuck for months and even years, find new life and new patters of communication which prove to be life changing even when it feels hopeless. Consider taking a huge step today like Alicia and Michael and register for EMS Online



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Alicia was out group mentor i think....

And today - thanks to AR, Alicia, our entire AR EMS group and most importantly the gift of grace from my wonderful wife- we are still together today- and ready to celebrate our 25 wedding anniversary later this year.


THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU for addressing this situation! My husband left me and married the AP. They are still married over 2 years later. I have no hope f reconciliation for myself but I would love to hear more from this couple. Looking at Alicia's face brought back so many horrible feelings. I feel so much empathy for her but do not feel any sympathy for this husband. I would love to hear more from him. I would also love to hear how you can reconcile with someone who went SO FAR as to marry the AP with reckless abandon. What was the motivation to marrying the AP so soon? Was it momentum? Was it easier than explaining their behavior? Thank you so much for addressing when the spouse marries the AP!!!

It takes a strong women to do

It takes a strong women to do what she did, to go through what she went! I am glad they are finally together, happy!

Group Leader

He was our EMS after care group leader and she and I talked a bit at EMS weekend! This is an amazing story!!

Thank you

My christian husband abruptly announced his desire to leave our long-term marriage, would not seek counseling, admitted to his affair and that he wanted to divorce me. Not one word about marital concern was discussed prior to this announcement. I tried to move toward, create space, spoke to a christian counselor and sought God's intervention. We have been divorced 6 months and I have become aware that they have now married. I am hoping God opens my husband's eyes regardless of the impact to our relationship. I thought I was protected from ever being in such a situation being with a christian man, who had proven himself worthy of my full trust. Thank you for your courage to share your story.

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