Hurt by Infidelity?


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Some people think infidelity equals divorce and the loss of what they once held dear. Others think they can never move beyond the pain or that their mate can never forgive what they’ve done. That people who try to work it out are just a bunch of fanatical freaks with whom they have nothing in common.

But the reality is they are a bunch of regular folks who hurt just like you and who were confused just like you, but who had the courage to explore why this happened and if there was a better way than trashing their history with a divorce. Somehow our culture has come to the point where we’re more tolerant of divorce, where lives and families are completely destroyed, than we are of unfaithfulness. If you could have the life you’ve always wanted why would you settle for an empty lonely room. At least be willing to explore the alternative. You and your mate can recover and build the marriage you’ve always wanted. Listen to how these people were able to do that.

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