Healing Lives After Infidelity

Real Recovery:We've been there. We know the way. We can give you hope.

Real Experience:Our programs were developed through helping 2,000 couples recover over 20 years

Real Privacy: We protect your identity as your private life deserves to stay private.

Real Satisfaction: 9 out of 10 participants recommend choosing AffairRecovery.com

Who we are

Affair Recovery specializes in helping couples and individuals heal after infidelity. After recovering from his own affair 25 years ago and helping 2,000 other couples do the same, founder Rick Reynolds and his team have developed several ground-breaking programs that have been highly effective in restoring lives after the devastation of infidelity. There is hope, let us show you the way.

We believe...

  • Individuals and couples need a healing community where they can connect with others who understand exactly what they are feeling because they have been there.
  • That each party should be treated with dignity and respect regardless of behavior.
  • the breach created by infidelity is the immediate focus of treatment.
  • Honesty IS the best policy and open, honest disclosure is paramount to recovery.


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