Hope for Healing Week 2: What's the Problem?

Instructions for this week:

  1. Watch the video “What’s the Problem?” using the note-taking guide.
  2. Read the AR note on denial. Do you know how many psychiatrists  it takes to change a light bulb?......... Only one, but the light bulb has to want to change real bad! As you read this week’s article, I’d invite you to consider how denial has kept you trapped in the same repetitive patterns. Do you really want to change real bad?!
  3. Write your story:
    1. In one to two pages tell your story. You can start from childhood if you would like. Tell what happened and why you think it happened . Be as honest as you can.
    2. Be prepared to read your story in group at your next meeting.
  4. Record the answer to your Reflection Questions in your Life Plan Journal.



Hope for Healing (W) Chapter 2