Hope for Healing Week 3: Death to the Image

What to do this week:

  1. Watch the video “Death to the Image”:
  2. Read the AR note “What’s the Problem?” It begins to explain how we get into trouble. As you're reading, ask yourself what specific actions you can take to transform yourself into the person you're going to need to be to most effectively reach your life's goals.
  3. Record the answer to your reflection questions in your journal.
  4. This week we are changing the evening posting. Instead of writing what our gratitude we will focus on emotional awareness. 
    1. What your emotion is right at the moment you are writing the email?
    2. Why you think you feel that way?
    3. If there's something you need to do about it? What's one thing you can do?



Lesson 3: Death to the Image

Hope for Healing (W) Chapter 3