Lesson 1 - The Beginning

What to do this week:

  1. Watch this week’s video.
  2. Complete the Hope for Healing contract.
  3. Sign the Hope for Healing Team Covenant.
  4. Read the Hope for Healing journal article (it will give you some tips on how and when to write in it and it will help you understand why journaling is important).
  5. Complete your first journal entry. Use the reflection questions below to draft your first entry. Be sure and include additional thoughts as well.
  6. Make journaling a habit. Don’t wait until you’re compelled by one of the Hope for Healing assignments to write. The more you write on your own, the faster it will become an indispensable habit. Experiment with the best times of day or week to write in your journal. Give some thought to any excuses you might be making to avoid using it.
  7. Complete the Reflection questions.
  8. Be prepared to affirm your agreement to the contract and covenant on your first call.


All your reading including this list is contained in Hope for Healing Week 1: Introduction (PDF)


Lesson 1 -The Beginning Video