Lesson 6 - The Physical Reality

What to do this week:

All your reading including this list is contained in Hope for Healing Lesson 6: The Physical Reality (PDF)



Lesson 6: The Physical Reality



  1. Watch the video The Physical Reality”
    1. In the past, what attempts have you tried in order to change?
      1. How effective were they?
      2. What kept them from working?
    2. What is your goal for change?
  2. Read the AR note "Taking a Timeout"
    1. Write a paragraph on a time when you would have been better off to take a time out.
    2. In your Life Plan make a note on the time- out protocol you plan to use in the future.
  3. Read the AR note on Blackmail
    1. Write a plan on how you intend to respond next time someone is flooding emotionally and you can’t get them to take a time out.