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Welcome to the Affair Recovery Center Online. Our mission is to offer God-centered hope and healing to couples hurt by infidelity, betrayal, or sexual addiction. Each of our therapists has a wealth of personal and professional experience in recovering from betrayal. We know where you are. We have been there. We can lead you to hope.

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Our online tool provides a detailed, tailored analysis of your position in just a few clicks. The Affair Analyzer will give you an assessment of your situation based on years of affair recovery counseling. Get a free analysis right now with our Affair AnalyzerWith your analysis we also provide specific recommendations based on your analysis.


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Our lives and marriages also once lay in ruin, but God has blessed us with recovery, restoration, forgiveness, and hope. We have developed this tool and this website to help hurting couples. It is our heart's desire for people who have experienced betrayal to find the hope and healing that comes with Christ-centered recovery. You are not alone.

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