Sex & Intimacy Retreat

Hope-Now's Sex and Intimacy Weekend Retreat

Our first ever Sex and Intimacy Retreat will be a fun, rich and thought-provoking weekend led by the professionals you’ve come to know and love.

  • Date of Next Retreat: to be determined
  • First Session: Friday 7:30PM
  • Designed for: Couples Only
  • Price: $1,850 per Couple
  • Meals: Included in price, 3 Saturday 2 Sunday
  • Lodging: Included in price, 2 nights

Note, this retreat is not designed to be exclusively infidelity specific and is open to all couples whether or not they have experienced infidelity. So, invite your friends so they too can share an amazing weekend with Rick, Leslie, John and Wayne! The retreat is under the “Hope-Now” brand, same company as Affair Recovery but just a different name’s not exclusively for us affair survivors!

Speaking to those who have experienced infidelity and are wondering if this retreat is right for them at this time, the answer is, it depends. If you recently discovered infidelity and you have not taken serious ground on reconciliation or healing, then I would recommend first attending an EMS Weekend or EMS Online course. However, if you have attended either of those programs or have worked with a great therapist that has walked you through reconciliation, then I would highly recommend this Sex & Intimacy Retreat.

Considering how intimacy plays a such a critical role in marriage, it’s surprising how little attention we give to increasing our knowledge and growing our relationship in this area.

The Sex and Intimacy Retreat is a practical opportunity to make this happen.

When it comes to intimacy, it’s important to address not only physical intimacy but also spiritual and emotional intimacy. Humans are extremely complex and it is miraculous how our body, mind and spirit are intertwined to encompass our whole being.

We want you to become empowered, comfortable, confident, able … not ashamed, guilty, or embarrassed … because this is a part of you and should be celebrated.

Topics Include:

  • Reconciling your sexuality and spirituality
  • Addressing the common but often tricky problems of maintaining desire in marriage
  • Troubleshooting common physical and emotional barriers to intimacy
  • Initiating intimacy, rewriting your sexual script
  • Learning to be comfortable in your own sexuality
  • Addressing sexual growth and change across your lifespan
  • Discovering that sexual wounds (and we all have them) do not make you broken
  • Learning how to make peace with your sexual past
  • Practicing self-compassion
  • Becoming comfortable with openly communicating with your spouse about intimacy and sex
  • Recasting your image of women’s and men’s sexuality
  • Learning how to make sexuality safe and fun again

The Sex and Intimacy Retreat is not:

  • About “fixing” your mate.
  • Counseling or one-on-one counseling.
  • A non-substantive pep talk.
  • A bunch of naked hippies dancing in the woods.