Betrayed Spouse

Success Stories: Betrayed Spouse
We hope these stories will give you hope that it will get better.

When you found out your husband or wife was having an affair, you probably felt like your world has been turned upside down. Now you’re asking yourself, how much information do you need to know? How can you ever feel safe again? Why would you even want to be in this relationship after all of this? Most importantly, how do you move forward? How do you stop the revolting reminders that intrude on your thoughts? Who can you talk to? How do you find support?

At Affair Recovery, our programs are based on the idea that recovering from the affair is much easier when you have the support and guidance of people who have already been through the roller coaster of infidelity. Our programs and mentors can show you hope through the darkness, and help you feel less alone.

Here are a few of our success stories:


What Type of Affair Was It?
Our free, anonymous Affair Analyzer provides insights about your experience.
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Ged Educated On Infidelity?
We’ve got a great collection of articles, videos, and newsletters available about betrayal, infidelity, forgiveness and recovery.
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Our Mentors Have Been In Your Shoes
Affair Recovery’s Mentoring program provides a confidential connection to someone who has been in your same situation and survived the affair.
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13 Weeks Can Change Your Life
Our private online classes for couples and individuals use a proven workbook curriculum, DVDs, and anonymous group support to help you heal after an affair.
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