Surviving the Early Stages of Infidelity: Part 1

Samantha shares insight into her personal journey of recovery in part one of this series.

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Today's blog with Samantha

It was so great to hear you today. Your strength is amazing. Thanks so much for sharing your experience.
You validate my feelings - hope you keep doing these.
Blessings, Terrie


So good to hear from Samantha. I was so codependent at the time of disclosure that I was taking care of everybody else. That was 4 years ago, God has brought me so far to see my worth and heal. May God bless you both as you continue to share your truth and to minister to so many who desperately want to see real people, grappling with these things and finding victory thru Christ !

Fantastic vlog

I just have to say, I love seeing the video series with Samantha and yourself Samuel. It gives me a lot of hope for the future to see you as a married couple so far into recovery, and I admire you both very much. It's great to hear from Samantha, she gives me so much hope for my own journey as a betrayed.

Samantha on the Vlog and being real


Thank you so much for coming in and doing these vlogs. They are so helpful to hear from someone who has gone before and what is being experienced is normal and can be used for personal growth, when Satan meant it to destroy us.


Once again Samantha knocks it out of the park. Samuel gives so much insight into the betrayer and the situation which is important for someone like me who is betrayed. And Samantha comes swooping in and helps fill in the puzzle pieces. Thank you both. We need this so much and it helps all of us more then you could ever know. Please keep it coming!

Thank you

Thank you for this blog post. We're in the middle of this in our lives right now - the anger and pain of it all is so real. Samantha, you mention that you needed to decide early on that you were going to stay - how did you come to that decision? Even with all of the "temporary hate" and lost feelings, how did you decide to make that commitment?

Losing trust in humanity

Dear Samantha,

Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I feel a little less alien now that I know my feelings are normal.

What did you do to regain your trust in humanity? I struggle with this because of the circumstances surrounding my husband's multiple affairs. Because of the distrust in everyone, I have become a recluse. I cant say I even distrust my friends because I no longer have any friends. My husband's 2 APs and I were mutual friends, one having been a friend for 32 years (I am only 36). She even knew about my pregnancy before my husband did and arranged my stork party. I found out about their relationship (which I thought was only an emotional affair) in March last year, when I arrived home earlier than usual and overheard her saying to my husband that she was going to take him from me. I immediately terminated our friendship and stopped all contact. I made it clear to my husband that we could no longer be friends as she had made her intention clear to destroy not only my family but also hers. My husband had no objections to this. However, 3 months later my husband became sexually involved with my other friend. The details of both affairs came out in December last year when I came across the messages between my husband and his 2nd AP. During disclosure it came out that he also had a sexual affair with the first AP and that their relationship became sexual when I was 6 months pregnant.

Needless to say, I have no female friends and do not trust anyone at this stage.

How did you regain your trust in humanity?