About Us

Affair Recovery was born from personal experience.

Our story took root in 1984, when founder Rick Reynolds and his wife Stephanie struggled to move past the pain of his infidelity. Even as a marriage counselor and family therapist, Rick had trouble finding resources and programs that could help them recover from the affair and save their marriage. Their personal turning point came after finding a mentor couple who had been in their shoes. After they rebuilt trust, learned new ways to communicate, and found their marriage stronger than ever before, Stephanie urged Rick to use their experience to develop tools to help other couples struggling with infidelity.

Rick drafted the curriculum for EMS Online (originally called 911 Marriage), and began to use the materials in his own private marriage counseling practice. He based the programs on his background in counseling and therapy, incorporating a mentoring aspect and total anonymity for participants. Through positive word of mouth and recommendations from satisfied customers, the company has continued to grow and evolve. As of today, Affair Recovery has helped thousands of couples through confidential online courses and intensive weekend retreats. Although the company is based in Austin, Texas, Affair Recovery is the first company to offer anonymous online group support worldwide.

Our Mission

To restore those in crisis to extraordinary lives of meaning and purpose.


We believe:

  • Unconditional dignity and respect are essential.
  • Community serves as a catalyst for healing.
  • Healed individuals are vital guides.
  • Every life can be restored.
  • Severe crisis leads to radical transformation.
  • Failure teaches what success cannot.
  • The pain of infidelity can be healed.


At Affair Recovery:

  • We specialize in treating infidelity.
  • We’ve personally experienced infidelity.
  • We’ve helped thousands of couples and individuals.
  • We’ve designed the right tools.
  • We’re discreet.