Hope for Healing

Online Course For Unfaithful Spouses To Heal After Infidelity.

It's possible to escape the isolation, shame, and even apathy you may be trapped under. This unique journey of restoration provides a safe place for you to find freedom and understanding with other unfaithful spouses, and an encouraging atmosphere to develop empathy for those affected by the affairs.

What is Hope for Healing?

Hope for Healing is a 17 week course designed to bring healing to unfaithful spouses, regardless of the stance of the betrayed spouse. Hope for Healing will teach you to identify your barriers and break through them. We know it is scary, but we will help you cut ties with your affair partner, if not done already, and help you set up boundaries to begin healing those you’ve wounded.

What resources will I have?

Utilizing customized materials from Rick Reynolds himself, Hope for Healing joins you with several other unfaithful spouses in a private, small men’s or women’s group. The group communicates via a weekly conference call as well as an online forum that is available 24/7. Your small group is a safe place where you can receive support from others on your path to recovery.

Hope for Healing also includes 6 months of free access to the Recovery Library, a $180 value containing hundreds of articles, videos, and audio recordings by affair recovery experts.

How does the healing process look in my day-to-day life?

Each week, you’ll start by reading the assignment online and watching the online video. This course is conveniently offered using online materials so that you can access them anytime, anywhere. As you read your assignment, you will complete homework exercises, some of which you will share during your small group call. You can plan to devote about 3 hours per week.

Below are the available Group Days and Times for the January 23rd registration:
Please note: All times are listed in U.S.A. Central Time zone. For help knowing what time it is in your time zone, use this tool - https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

  • Sundays at 7:00 PM CENTRAL TIME (men only)
  • Mondays at 7:00 PM CENTRAL TIME (men only)
  • Tuesdays at 8:00 PM CENTRAL TIME (men only)

During your checkout process, you will have the above day/time combinations from which to choose. Select all that apply when purchasing. This time and day will be when your Small Group meets via conference call each week for the 17 weeks. Once we’ve finalized the groups, we will email your group’s Start Date to you.

Online Lessons

Who are the Group Leaders?

Group Leaders are carefully selected and are past participants of Affair Recovery’s programs. After experiencing incredible healing themselves, they feel a calling to help others who are where they once were. They have the compassion, desire, and talent that’s required to lead groups through this process. Our Group Leaders have more than just book-knowledge because they’ve personally experienced infidelity. They don’t just have sympathy; they have real empathy. We’ve found that people who have walked this path before and who have completed our Group Leader training program are able to provide incredible support, leadership, and encouragement during this difficult time. They are a light to others in darkness.

What have customers gained from the course?

“During the course, I experienced unfathomable grace that was shown to me through the course, through the leaders of the course and through other people there. Participating in Affair Recovery created a whole new love for my husband, and I would have never, never, ever thought that was possible because I was so far from loving him before.” -D, Texas

“Before the Affair Recovery course, I was a big, fat liar and it stemmed from wanting so desperately to be needed and to be respected and to be loved by someone else. The tools that I’ve gained through the course are providing me with a better guard to not fall into that same trap that I fell into when I had an affair.” -R, Oklahoma

“Being in community was key. We really opened up about our transgressions and that is one of the most freeing feelings. To be able to tell other people what you are going through and not be judged is a huge step in the recovery process. To have guys that you are accountable to will make you man-up and grow into the man God intended for you to be.” -K, California


- K, California
I have been seeing a good counselor, but I felt like he just didn't get what I have been going through. It didn't help that my husband kept telling me to just let it go and get over it already! It feels really good to have my feelings truly understood and validated, finally.

​Payment Options

  • Pay in full: 1 payment of $675 
  • Installment Plan:  4 monthly installments of $173  

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Please note: Services offered by Affair Recovery are not therapy or counseling. Affair Recovery services are educational.

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"Hope for Healing was very helpful in providing me tools to deal with some of the challenges I was facing. It helped me to be okay with things beyond my control and encouraged me in knowing that I can only be responsible for things pertinent to me and/or my own recovery, I am confident that this will prove to be better for my spouse in the end."
- M. CA | HFH Participant
"Alone... guilt-ridden.... full of shame, and a sense of hopelessness. These feelings to name a few were swirling in a great turmoil within me following D-day. How do I move forward? So many questions unanswered but the sense of isolation was perhaps the hardest to deal with outside of the pain I had brought upon my wife and myself. This course has taken me out of those dark and isolated places. It has been a great sense of peace and comfort to have this community of men to walk this journey with. "
- B. Canada | HFH Participant
"Hope for Healing allowed the light bulb to go off for me that pimping, tenderness and grooming is also infidelity and was used to fuel my false self image. I was comforted learning that I shared similiar flaws as the other men in my group. It was the first time i was able to admit that i have issues with lieing, pride and shame. I would recommend the class to everyone, including faithfull men. "
- R. NH | HFH Participant
"After getting caught in one affair, I was still holding back and trying to protect my image. Hope for Healing convinced me I had to become broken and tell all. My wife and I have been slowly working towards recovery and I owe whatever success I have had to God and this program. I cant say enough about how much Affair Recovery has helped me and us. I completed Hope for Healing and volunteered to be a mentor during another class. I want to stay connected. My wife and I hope to do the EMS weekend soon. Thanks to Rick and his organization!"
- D. Ohio | HFH Participant
"...The material is great but more importantly I looked forward to the call each week because of the connections. It was a safe place for me to talk about the week without judgement, release, learn some things to help in my recovery, talk about books & other resources and to know that I am not alone. The group leader was consistent; she did not miss a call and was helpful. She encouraged us to reach out to her. I recommend this course to any woman who needs help with recovery."
- Anonymous | HFH Participant
"At the beginning I thought this was all hogwash, but after about 4 weeks I realized most of the information we were going over I could actually relate to and felt the course was written for me..."
- Anonymous | HFH Participant
"Having support of others struggling in the same way as me was such a help. Knowing that there is hope for my marriage and getting the tools to make our marriage better was wonderful! "
- K. TN | HFH Participant
""I was able to look at my issues that made me choose infidelity clearly for the first time, and I was able to work with a group of people who were understanding and non-judgmental.""
- S. MS | HFH Participant
"As an unfaithful wife, I felt like I didn't have anywhere to turn for help. I was too embarrassed to discuss what I had done with family and friends. Finding Hope for Healing that was comprised of wives who made the same horrible mistake I had made was encouraging. I felt like it was one of the few times that I truly felt understood in this process. Others knew how difficult the struggle could be sometimes and were there to support me without judgment."
- J. OH | HFH Participant
"Great videos, great material, challenging assignments, and frank conversations. Everyone who gets married should have to do a course like this prior to and periodically during marriage, even without infidelity, to help keep them on track personally and relationally."
- T. VA | HFH Participant
"I was searching for a way out of my affair. I was having an affair with the one father in a group of stay at home moms. It lasted eight months. It was sexual and emotional. I thought I was supposed to leave my husband and two children. I knew nothing good would come out of this selfish act. My husband discovered pictures/videos of my affair partner-revealing to him an emotional and sexting affair, but not the full truth. I made a huge mistake of continuing to speak to my affair partner after discovery. And fell back into patterns that were inexcusable. After several failed attempts and opportunities to exit the affair, I knew I could not do it on my own. After literally searching google for "living in limbo with affair partner," I came across an article from Affairrecovery.com. I signed up for Hope for Healing within the week. I was so hopeful for a return to my family. I had no idea the amount I would learn about myself and my behaviors and thoughts that lead me to my affair. The most important thing I learned in the Hope for Healing course was how to prevent further false thinking and behaviors that could lead to infidelity. I will admit I was deeply terrified of full disclosure to my husband (he didn't know anything past the first disclosure, and believed I had stopped seeing the affair partner). Trust in the process and the support of the group lead my to know God's love and grace in a way I never understood before. I have been without hope. This course and website are so valuable to me through the hope that it has brought me and to my family."
- A. Europe | HFH Participant
"If you are the least bit hesitant for any reason, I strongly encourage you to take a leap of faith. The healing power of working in a small group was beyond my comprehension when I started. Now, I am a firm believer that true healing begins when you are surrounded by others like you, who have walked in your shoes, and can support you on this crazy rollercoaster of recovery. The Hope for Healing course has completely changed my life! I am a different person than I was when I started 17 weeks ago. I learned more about myself than I have in years and years of personal therapy. The shame I have been carrying around is finally dissipating. I have gained so much more than just knowledge. I have a sense of self worth and self esteem that never existed before. I have a new outlook on life. I have hope! These intangible things are priceless. "
- M. Washington | HFH Participant
"Hope for healing breaks you down and builds you back up in 17 weeks. The hopelessness at the beginning of the class was replaced with tools, recovery direction and hope for the future. I got to find out who I really am and what I can be. "
- M. Washington | HFH Participant
"Since D-Day, I've struggled at showing empathy towards my wife and what I did to her world. My first personal counselor stated "you sound awful cavalier about what you did" which brought me up short and continued to bother me to this day. This course had some exercises that forced me into my wife's world and I now understand better how much I hurt her heart. That alone was well worth the price. "
- J. Nevada | HFH Participant
"It was a great way to share with others who are struggling to understand their feelings, pride, and shame. We were able to be open without criticism. I feel like a new man and in a happier place after Hope for Healing."
- B. Europe | HFH Participant
"I was so intimidated by the thought of telling my story and feeling vulnerable to strangers but the ladies in my small group accepted me and my struggles with love and support and constant uplifting encouragement. Thank you HFH."
- T. South Carolina | HFH Participant
"For the first time in my life, the Hope for Healing course has allowed for me to truly look at myself as a person and to realize I have faults like others."
- W. Texas | HFH Participant
"Hope for Healing helped me to see myself as a person with hope for the future and not just a mistake because of what I've done in my past. Finally I feel worthy and genuinely happy as well as authentic. It's tough work - but so worth the payoff! "
- S. Texas | HFH Participant
"I can't imagine my husband and I recovering from my infidelity without Hope for Healing. This course taught me to look at myself and what I'd done with rigorous honesty and to understand and love my wounded husband the way he needs me to. It is absolutely true that this course and my hard work have helped me turn the worst thing that ever happened into a very good thing. I feel centered, calm, hopeful, and in love with my husband now after the course. I know that we can work through anything together, and I'm confident we will be married for life."
- S. Texas | HFH Participant
"The Hope for Healing class had a hugely positive impact on me. Sharing my story for the first time within this safe environment opened up the door to healing. The lessons made me dig really deep to uncover things that needed to be uncovered. Healing has begun. "
- A. Washington | HFH Participant
"Sharing the surface of this is hard enough, but sharing the deeper struggles, insecurities, and fears would have been impossible for me. But a group of anonymous women in the same boat as I was, learning and digging deep together, was the safety and acceptance I needed to open up. Speaking aloud the pain, struggle, or even temptation and getting it out into the light took so much of it's power away."
- A. NC | HFH Participant
"Hope for healing made the difference between salvaging my marriage and being divorced. It has greatly improved our marriage relationship...in a word a HOME RUN! "
- B. Louisiana | HFH Participant
"I learned how to be happy again, regardless of what is going on around me. Great, comprehensive information and priceless support for healing. "
- M. Oregon | HFH Participant
"This course helped me process pain effectively and used that pain for good, transforming me and channeling it into love for others. The course also gave me a new perspective that puts hope in even the bleakest of moments and makes me aware of my purpose for living.""
- S. Texas | HFH Participant
"It was great knowing others have the same struggles! "
- A. Texas | HFH Participant
"Just want to say how profound Lesson 3 was. I viewed and re-read it over compulsively this week. Mind-blowing stuff. Very profound insights. "
- M. Colorado | HFH Participant