Hope Rising Conference

A Conference for Betrayed Spouses

Take a brave step out of the turmoil and do something just for you. Be a part of the one-day Hope Rising conference. An event filled with hope, practical strategies, and resources for betrayed spouses only.

You are not alone. Healing from infidelity can feel isolating. At Hope Rising, you can gain momentum, strength and community on your journey to wholeness. We've walked through this pain ourselves, and we've walked alongside thousands of others on this journey. You may not see it at this very moment, but in this dark chapter hope can rise.

At Hope Rising, you will:

  • Receive a new sense of self-worth and honor.
  • Experience belonging in this momentous gathering.
  • Learn how pain can be transformed and overcome.
  • Redefine your identity with new freedom.
  • Be equipped with healing strategies and next steps.
  • Receive encouragement from survivors who are thriving.

Your speakers provide so much hope and understanding toward the pain. It makes those who have been betrayed feel heard and not alone.

— 2020 Hope Rising participant.
(What I liked most about Hope Rising was) the sense of 'normalcy' and that feeling where you have the support of everyone around you brings a lot of hope. To have a conference just for the betrayed communicates something really special about the care that God, through Affair Recovery, has put into everyone out there.

— 2020 Hope Rising participant.

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Hope Rising event tickets are non-refundable upon purchase, but fully transferable to a substitute registrant up to, and including, the day(s) of the event.

What People Are Saying About Hope Rising

"It gave me hope. The name chosen for the conference is perfect."
"John Mark Haney was the reason I signed up, hoping to hear his wisdom and open heart, and I was not disappointed ... (I) found his words to be the most memorable and deeply touching. Everyone's lectures were chock full of beneficial information, and they all deserve a hearty 'thank you.'"
"The perspective from all the speakers brought new insight into my thought-life and where I need to focus my hope."
"The three reminders that I took away from the morning have stuck with me: 1. I can't control the actions of another person, 2. I have to be safe, and 3. Clarity is worth seeking."
"The continued message of normalizing this journey we are on and the vastness of it and the amount of attention, time, patience, and effort it takes to handle it well."
"This is the first time I have ever talked to other betrayed women or listened to talks specifically for the betrayed. It made me realize that what I am feeling and going through is "typical" for the betrayed. I finally didn't feel like I was crazy or overreacting, and my feelings were validated."
"It reinforced that I need to get out of this loop that I am in. I need to stop feeling like a victim and rise up and start living again."
"The speakers were all wonderful. The material was very informative. I would not wish the reason we all were there on my worst enemy, but it was nice to not feel like I am the only person in the boat."
"The conference is affirmation that the stages I'm going through are REAL and worth it."
"John Haney's honesty and heartfelt message really spoke to me. It's good to hear from someone who has come out on the other side, changed for the better by this difficult experience."