EMS Online

Online Course For Couples To Heal After Infidelity, 2nd Edition

Tired of not having a thorough plan to heal after infidelity? This course walks you through the critical steps required to address the infidelity and reconnect as a couple. "EMS" Online stands for Emergency Marital Seminar Online. Our methodology has been honed over decades of experience exclusively specializing in this field. Up front, it’s important to know that we won’t shame the unfaithful spouse nor blame the betrayed spouse. This is a safe place for both of you to heal.

About the Online Course

  • Length: 13 Weeks
  • Time commitment: 3-4 hours/week
  • Designed for: Couples only
  • Format: Online Small Group based
  • Group size: 5 couples + Group Leader
  • Price: $695 or 3 payments of $243
Weekly Format
  • Watch Rick teach the lecture (13 total)
  • Watch the Mentors' stories of healing (12 total)
  • Read the workbook lesson & complete exercises
  • Talk with your Small Group via conference call
    led by a trained and compassionate Group
    Leader who has also experienced infidelity
  • Chat on your group’s private online wall 24/7

Specialized tools promote healing

Weekly Expert Lectures

EMS Online's methodology has years of experience behind it and is faith-based. Rick Reynolds, LCSW has specialized in working with couples after infidelity for 24 years and has personally worked with 2,500 couples. He has learned what works, what doesn’t work and why. EMS Online 2nd Edition presents this knowledge with the right lessons in the right order.

In-Depth Workbooks
Book 1:
Hope for the Broken
Book 2:
Help for the Rebuilder

Two different workbooks are included in the course, one for the betrayed spouse and one for the unfaithful spouse. The 420 page workbooks will be mailed inconspicuously in a plain box that does not say “Affair Recovery” anywhere on it. Each chapter covers one week of the course and contains essential lessons and practical exercises that you’ll discuss with your Small Group each week.

Hope from others gone before

Weekly Mentor Videos

Each week has two unscripted videos of that week’s Mentor Couple. In the first video, they tell their stories - inspiring journies from the darkest of times through healing and to their present lives of meaning. In the second video, they explain the role that that week’s lesson played in their recovery journey.

Belong to a Small Group that gets what you're going through

Weekly Small Group Support
Taking this journey with a group provides the most powerful way to heal after infidelity. After the course, many people say they’ve developed friends who know them on a deeper level than anyone else and accept them for who they are. Small Groups help us:
  • Build empathy
  • Break out of isolation
  • Validate our (seemingly crazy) emotions
  • Receive encouragement
Talk with your small
group via conference call
Post on your group’s
private wall 24/7.
Anonymity is key. Only
first names are shared.

What’s covered in the curriculum, the short list

For spouses who have been betrayed:
  • How to wrap your head around what happened
  • Why it’s not your fault
  • How your mate can finally ‘get’ what you‘re going through
  • How to manage triggers and intrusive thoughts
  • Why it’s important to address the infidelity directly
  • What to do with anger and difficult emotions
  • The most significant barriers to healing
  • What’s needed to build safety and trust
  • The many layers of forgiveness and why it takes time
  • How to talk with your mate to develop a healthy relationship
  • How and when to restore intimacy after infidelity
  • How to live with a new sense of peace and hope
For spouses who have been unfaithful:
  • Why full disclosure is the best road to take, not the worst
  • Why we don’t shame or pummel you
  • How to develop deep empathy for your spouse
  • How to authentically communicate sincere remorse
  • Ways to let go of your shame and redefine your identity
  • How to help your mate heal and feel more secure
  • How to set boundaries that help restore trust
  • How to make a Travel Plan when traveling that helps create accountability and safety
  • How to develop a closer connection with your mate
  • How to prevent relapse
  • How to be closer and more transparent with one another than ever before

Answers From Experts: Weekly Video Q&A with Rick

Expert Q & A
Have a question about the curriculum that your Group Leader or fellow members can’t answer? Do not fear. You can submit your question to Rick. We film Rick reading and answering questions in the AR Studio once a week (most weeks). Then we post those videos for you to view as a participant. How’s that for an answer?

What else is included?

Complimentary 12 Month Recovery Library Membership

You’ll receive 12 months of free access to the Recovery Library which typically costs $360.00. It gives you access to over 700 Expert Articles, Podcasts, and Videos that were authored by professionals who also have lived through and recovered from infidelity. If you don’t know about the Recovery Library yet, you can learn more here.

EMS Online Aftercare (optional)

After you’ve completed the 13 week course, we provide you with 52 weeks of online curriculum to help you continue meeting with your Small Group if you wish. The aftercare program is called Married for Life. By this point, you’ll be very familiar with the group process and your aftercare conference calls will be self-led by you or one your fellow group members.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

We are confident in the new EMS Online 2nd Edition course and we take pride in its quality. If both spouses are not satisfied with our services and have attended at least ten out of the thirteen group meetings, a 100% refund will be provided. Learn more about the refund policy here


  • What's new in the 2nd Edition of EMS Online?
    After three years of hard work, we’ve completely overhauled EMS Online to create one of the most well thought-out recovery courses available. We filmed thirteen incredible lectures with Rick, and twelve inspiring Mentor Couples who recall their journeys of healing, unscripted. So much video was going to be packed into this course that we moved offices and built our very own AR Studio to film it all.
  • What day and time will my Small Group’s conference calls take place?
    Class Time Options for September 21st, 2016 Registration :
         *SOLD OUT* Sundays at 7:30pm Central
         *SOLD OUT*Mondays at 9:00pm Central
         *SOLD OUT* Wednesdays at 8:30pm Central

    During your checkout process, you will have two day/time combinations from which to choose. If you can do either day/time option, please select both when purchasing. If you are not available for either day/time option, please email us at info@hope-now.com. This will be the time and day each week that your Small Group will meet via conference call for the 13 weeks. Once we’ve finalized class rolls, we will email your group’s Start Date to you.
  • How soon will I be placed in a group and start the course after the registration deadline?
    Typically, groups start within two weeks of the first day of open registration. The more open everyone’s availability is, the sooner the group can start. Occasionally it may take longer for a group to start if there are not five couples that absolutely can’t meet at the same time. However, you will immediately have access to your course materials and all of the Recovery Library resources while you’re group is being scheduled.
  • What does a typical week look like?
    On your own time, before your group’s conference call for the week, you will first watch Rick’s Lecture video online (20 - 45 minutes), watch the two Mentor videos online 1) their story and 2) their reflection on the role that that week’s lesson played in their recovery (45 minutes), read the lesson in your workbook and complete exercises that later will be discussed with your group. The week culminates with your Small Group’s conference call that is led by your Group Leader (1.5 hours). They facilitate your group’s discussion of highs and lows, exercises, and encouragement. Throughout the week you can chat with your group on your private Small Group Wall (similar to a forum). This gives you 24/7 connection and support with your group so when you face similar challenges and victories you can discuss them with one another.
  • Who are the Group Leaders?
    Group Leaders are carefully selected. Almost all of our Group Leaders are alumni of Affair Recovery’s programs who are several years out. After experiencing incredible healing themselves, they feel a calling to help others who are where they once were. They have the compassion, desire, and talent that’s required to lead groups through this process. Our Group Leaders have more than just book-knowledge because they’ve personally experienced infidelity. They don’t just have sympathy; they have real empathy. We’ve found that people who have walked this path before and who have completed our Group Leader training program are able to provide incredible support, leadership, and encouragement during this difficult time. They are a light to others in darkness.
  • What if I’m not sure I want to save my marriage?
    If you’re not sure you want to save your marriage, you might also be not sure that you don’t want to save it. Many couples find that the course helps them solidify an answer to this question. Considering the emotional, financial, and relational cost of divorce, it’s probably worth exploring, for 90 days, whether or not your marriage can become something different, something that brings you joy. Even not having feelings for your mate at this point is normal. Even so, there’s a good chance that those feelings will come back, but not without some changes by both parties. If you’re willing to do the work, change can happen. EMS Online can help you get started.
  • What if we already have a marriage therapist?
    Many marriage therapists actually recommend EMS Online to their current clients and continue seeing their clients while in the course. Therapists value the course’s powerful Small Group format because they know group work is the gold standard when healing from trauma and developing empathy. They have seen from past clients how thoroughly the course addresses the infidelity and how much faster their clients are able to heal the attachment wounds that resulted from the infidelity.
  • What if sexual addiction is involved?
    EMS Online is a good fit as a first step because we help the couple heal from the betrayal(s) so that they can be on the same page to tackle the issue of addiction together in the future. We cover relapse prevention, how to identify high-risk behaviors (and how to avoid them), and outline the necessary steps to be taken to keep the relationship safe. This is not designed as a substitute for the protocols necessary for the specific treatment of an addiction and the work that must be done therein.

Scholarships are available. Apply Here

Disclaimer: EMS Online 2nd Edition is educational only. It is not counseling or therapy. If you need professional counseling, please seek a licensed professional in your area.
Affair Recovery’s EMS Online course literally saved our marriage from divorce. We had tried other professionals, which only lead us to more pain in our marriage. It was a relief to find someone who understood our pain. It was comforting to know that others were feeling and thinking the same thoughts as us. We were not alone on this journey. Our marriage has been enriched by the valuable lessons we have learned through EMS Online.

- K, Alabama
This course saved our marriage. I was ambivalent about my husband's ability to understand my pain and the cost of his betrayal. I was not sure he would ever "get it" to the point that I would feel safe. This EMS Online course helped both of us understand each other on a level we never have before. We are closer now than we have ever been in 25 years of marriage and 36 years of knowing each other. Being able to interact with other couples going through the same thing was a blessing. There is hope for our future together because of this course.

-L. Nebraska

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"I cannot say enough about what this course has meant to my husband and me and the impact it has had. We are using the techniques daily; especially the Pyramid of Truth and L.I.F.E. I came looking for a way to save my marriage and sanity and I found a new way to live, choosing life, not death. Getting to ground zero was a big challenge for us. My husband had many secrets and a great deal of shame around them, things he had never told anyone. I was so discouraged at the time of our last D-Day to get a bunch of new information. I revisited Rick's words about viewing this as progress and wrote our Group Leader for advise as to whether or not we should separate at that point. She reminded me that it is progress and told me to do what God is telling me to do. That was the best advise I could have gotten. God was and is calling me to stay, fight for redemption and heal. My husband is working so hard to heal and rebuild and I know that is a blessing that not everyone has. Surely God's Grace is delivered through Affair Recovery and the Saints who work there. Thank you and I look forward to Harboring Hope and Married for life along with our private counseling and the extraordinary life to come. Our Group Leader did an amazing job as our mentor. She always seemed to know just what to say and met everyone where they were. Her hope and faith is contagious. I am so glad God sent her to us or us to her. Either way it is pure Grace."
- M. Ohio | EMSO Participant
"So happy we completed the EMS Online course. It was exactly what we needed to restore our marriage & give us hope. We would recommend this program to everyone seeking help dealing with infidelity in a marriage."
- L. Illinois | EMSO Participant
"Each week of this program confirms the fact that without a structured group support system in place, we would have had very little chance of staying married beyond 2 years post Discovery-Day. During every group call, I feel privileged to be sharing this most personal, private and important journey."
- A. United Kingdom | EMSO Participant
"The chapters in the EMS Online workbook are spot on. I have obtained valuable new tools to better deal with my life. This has been an amazing course and I honestly look forward to our group meetings each week."
- B. Kentucky | EMSO Participant
"From Week 9 of EMS Online: The curriculum on forgiveness was excellent. I would also like to say that am really seeing the value in the group experience. I felt the heartfelt sincerity from an unfaithful female in our group as she shared her assignment with her husband. I felt so much empathy for the shame and suffering she was going through. I realized that my husband is just as sorry and hurting from this as she is and has also expressed that very well and thoughtfully. Having empathy for her, because I am looking at her situation from the outside, helps me to have empathy for my husband. Due to the high profile nature of both of our jobs, we could not participate in a group like this locally, it just wouldn't work for us. We are so thankful for this online group experience."
- M. Ohio | EMSO Participant
"Very impressed with our Group Leader. He always encourages us to add our thoughts, to be comfortable sharing, and to use our Small Group Wall more. The EMS Online curriculum has definitely been on target with addressing issues that haven't been addressed as directly in previous counseling type settings we've experienced."
- P. Louisiana | EMSO Participant
"We were so desperate to find help and direction, and every hope we had for this course was fulfilled, and more. We will take the lessons learned forward with us, reviewing them as often as needed. There is really no way to measure the hope we have found in these 13 weeks. The EMSO course and format taught us more in this short time than we learned on our own in 31 years of marriage. Our relationship is already richer than it's ever been, and we have incredible hope for a very happy future. "
- J. Missouri | EMSO Participant
"This is a wonderful program. It has given us insights that have helped us move forward and understand what to do and how to do it better. Even if we don't make it (I hope to) we will be able to move on individually in a much healthier way."
- T. Illinois | EMSO Participant
"My husband was blind to his infidelity prior to starting EMS Online. The curriculum, as early as just 2 weeks in, along with his personal story, enabled him to see the truth about the way he has lived his life, for which I am thankful. As a betrayed spouse, I felt supported by the curriculum."
- J. Missouri | EMSO Participant
"Learning every week! Wish we would have done this program over anything else! We would have saved time, money & pain!! Thank you so much for all you are doing!!"
- D. Missouri | EMSO Participant
"Without community and support, getting through infidelity is impossible. I am so grateful that I found AR as it literally saved our marriage. Finding others that have experienced the same thing creates a safe environment and allows for true healing to begin. It was worth each and every penny. Hands down."
- T. Texas | EMSO Participant
"I was very nervous to get started with the first group call, however, within just a few minutes of listening to our Group Leader, she made me feel comfortable! Our Leader has a wonderful heart and we were able to hear it in her voice during each weekly call. We could feel how she cared for us and what we were going through during our highs and lows of this 13 week course. Excellent group leader!"
- N. Pennsylvania | EMSO Participant
"It's so nice to know that I'm not the only person going through this and feeling this way. Every little bit of the curriculum reinforces this for me. So even if the curriculum was terrible, and it's definitely not, it would be well worth it. Thank you so much for being here for all of us. I look forward to learning how to come out of all of this hurt as a better person and couple."
- A. Colorado | EMSO Participant
"This curriculum was so helpful for us to begin this recovery process. Rick has been an amazing communicator and we also gleaned a lot of great information from the weekly videos of the mentors. We will be forever grateful!"
- D. North Carolina | EMSO Participant
"As we are going through this course, we are seeing how good and thorough it is. I wish we would have taken this course years ago!!! It would have saved us much heartache and pain. It has been much better than ANY of the counseling we've had. We have paid over $10,000 for other seminars, counseling, etc, but nothing comes close to Affair Recovery. This is the best affair recovery resource we've seen or experienced. Thank you!"
- T. Missouri | EMSO Participant
"Infidelity is a painful and confusing bump in the road of life, and even worse, you can't talk to friends or family for support! You find yourself surfing the Internet or reading books full of generalities. Your therapist just wants to talk about your mother. In contrast, EMS Online gives you professional guidance and a support group of other couples in crisis. Whatever you decide to do about your marriage, you will have a healthier future if you complete one of the programs from Affair Recovery. If you're not spiritual, replace the word "God" with "hope" to get the most from this wonderful program. "
- C. Maryland | EMSO Participant
"This course has, hands down, provided the best information on recovering from infidelity and strengthening a marriage. EMS Online provided a personal sense of accountability with weekly readings and group meetings. I can't say enough positive things about this course. I feel for anyone who has been thrust into this horrible situation, but know that this course has the opportunity to provide so much hope and healing. Thank you for helping provide the groundwork to a stronger marriage, that is priceless for myself, my husband, and children."
- S. Michigan | EMSO Participant
"EMSO helped me to realize this isn't something to just forget and move on from. I realized it is okay to talk about the affair and walk through the pain with others like us."
- B. Ohio | EMSO Participant
"This course literally saved my marriage. Watching the videos, working through the written material, and sharing our personal struggles and triumphs with other couples who were going through the same thing gave me and my husband a chance to restore what was lost and heal from the wounds my infidelity had caused. We are in a much better place now. We have a whole new intimacy we'd never had in all the years we were married. Thank you, thank you, thank you! God bless this ministry"
- D. Illinois | EMSO Participant
"We started the Bootcamp 3 days after D-Day and EMSO as soon as an opening was available. Words cannot express how grateful I am that I found Affair Recovery so soon after learning of my husband's affair. When he told me that he had engaged in both a physical and emotional affair with a former coworker and close friend, I felt like my whole world was coming to an end. We felt especially alone because we are only in our early 20s, have only been married 2 years, and have no children. Most people in our situation would have walked away. But, after 10 years together, I wasn't prepared to throw it all away and start over. If you feel like there is *anything* worth fighting for in your marriage, you need the resources at Affair Recovery. Hearing the stories of other couples and sharing our own lifted that feeling of isolation--we realized we were definitely not alone. At first I was afraid that taking a course and being open to the possibility of forgiveness and reconciliation was an indirect way of providing permission to betray again. I learned very quickly that is not the case. The marriage we have now is one I never even dreamed of. We still have a lot of work moving forward but I have never been more hopeful for our relationship than I am now. An affair is not something to forget and move on from. It is part of our story now but we've taken the time to walk through the pain and deal with it in a healthy way. "
- B. Ohio | EMSO Participant
"I'm so thankful for this course. It helped my spouse and I methodically work through the recovery process and gave us practical steps to continue moving forward. We were stuck at a place in recovery and this provided a big leap forwarded. I have more hope that we can make it through this now. Thanks to everyone at AR! "
- S. Texas | EMSO Participant
"This course gave my husband and I the tools we needed to stop the screaming and yelling and actually start the healing. Without the help we received, a divorce would be in the works."
- S. Mississippi | EMSO Participant
"I entered the program feeling desperate and confused about my future with my spouse. The program was well designed and well run and we got so much out of it. "
- M. Massachusetts | EMSO Participant
"Finding out that my emotions were normal and completely valid made the path to healing a possibility. "
- B. Texas | EMSO Participant
"I am quite sure that we would not have been able to see through the mud of infidelity with out the assistance of EMS Online."
- J. Canada | EMSO Participant
"EMS Online provided us with a safe environment to discuss a deeply personal hurt. It also gave us a road map on how to start a journey of healing for our marriage. "
- D. KS | EMSO Participant
"We couldn't find anything like EMS Online around us, with people who understand, who wouldn't judge and would walk through the dark places with us. It has brought healing, hope, and a future to my marriage"
- A. Australia | EMSO Participant
"EMS Online helped us in so many different ways. It was wonderful to have people to reach out to that understood my feelings and thoughts. The support was simply soothing and warm. "
- L. Kansas | EMSO Participant
"I think this was a very good course. It helped me and my husband see what our actions have cost our marriage and how many years were wasted in not getting help sooner."
- C. Utah | EMSO Participant
"I think the real key to being able to move forward is learning the right lessons in a non judgemental envvironment. EMS Online shattered alot of preconceived ideas and laid the groundwork for a stronger marriage going forward. "
- E. Neveda | EMSO Participant
"Without our small group, our marriage may have turned out differently. We're grateful for one another and know that our group feels the same about our presence."
- DT. California | EMSO Participant
"Before the course I was sooooo full of anger and resentment. Thru the 12 weeks my spouse and I learned how to get to ground zero to start fresh and to live again. It feels so good and I feel I have came so far. The feeling of hopelessness is gone and I can see my future! Thank you so much."
- J. South Dakota | EMSO Participant
"It got our marriage out of the darkness and shined a light on important and often challenging issues each week."
- P. California | EMSO Participant
"Having somebody understand EXACTLY what you are going through makes going through this course worth every penny. Also, having to face the issues that need to be addressed in order to heal WITH your spouse makes all the difference in the world. It was awesome and healing to have my husband "get" the pain I was going through AND for me to understand his too."
- A. Texas | EMSO Participant
"I was very apprehensive about an online recovery course, but the facilitator and the other couples gave us the courage to stand in the gap and look at situations through each others' eyes.We have hope for a future together! "
- S. Texas | EMSO Participant
""While our marriage is still very much in the healing process, we now no longer feel stuck since taking EMS Online. We feel like we have grown so much over the last few months and that we have a good direction for our marriage. Our communication is definitely more open and we are continuing to learn how to best provide a safe place for each other as we continue healing and recovery.""
- T. Texas | EMSO Participant
"EMSO was going to be my last effort at saving my marriage. This course got us talking about the affair, grouped us with other couples going through the same struggles, and gave us tools and support to deal with our issues. I am hopeful and more committed to working on our marriage."
- D. Kentucky | EMSO Participant
"Before finding Affair Recovery, we had seen a few very good counselors. But I still felt lost... like I was so in need of some more specific guidance... something concrete to help us through this confusing & painful situation. Affair Recovery was it! How thankful I am that we found this program. It was a God-send. Things are still hard, but at least we now have some tools to help us work on healing in our marriage"
- M. Washington | EMSO Participant
"We tried self-help books and MFTs but this is the first program we did together and actually completed. Absolutely worth it! "
- S. USA | EMSO Participant
"We appreciated greatly the communication with others who wanted to save their marriages instead of turning straight to divorce."
- R. South Carolina | EMSO Participant
"EMSO gave me a safe place where I could talk about my past without shame, and being with others who wanted to fight for their marriages gave me the guts to tell "all". That gave me courage to say what I felt I needed to say in order to help others in the same boat! It wasn't just words; you bonded with the others in this "fight" against the forces that be that wanted to destroy our lives. "
- M. California | EMSO Participant