EMS Weekend

For couples.

EMS Weekend is an intensive weekend seminar that stabilizes your relationship after an affair.

The Emergency Marital Seminar (EMS) answers each partner’s questions and provides viable solutions to your crisis. You likely have experienced many of the challenges associated with working through betrayal. The EMS Weekend helps you gain perspective of where you’re at in recovery and what needs to be done.

The weekend is conducted by Rick Reynolds, LCSW, founder of Affair Recovery and creator of both EMS Online and Hope for Healing online courses. Rick has specialized in treating infidelity for over twenty years and has helped over 2,000 couples struggling with infidelity.

Below is an interview with Dr. Shawn Stoever, the Senior Director for the WinShape Foundation (a non-profit ministry of Chick-fil-a) who oversees their Marriage Retreats and Leadership programs. Dr. Stoever has spent the majority of his professional career helping develop marriage intensives and is one of the leading experts in the field. Listening to this interview will provide additional avenues for your recovery process. Shawn not only explains the benefits of an intensive and a marriage retreat, but he makes some recommendations on finding a specific program that could be helpful for you and your spouse.

EMS Weekend also includes 18 months of free access to the Recovery Library, a $540 value containing over 700 articles, videos, and audio recordings by affair recovery experts.

Married for Life Aftercare Program

After the weekend, the EMS aftercare program provides both support and guidance for at least a year after the seminar. You will continue to meet with your group weekly by phone to work at implementing new behaviors and assure that you and your spouse continue in your healing journey. The first six weeks of the aftercare program are facilitated by an Affair Recovery Group Leader.

Hurt spouses will discover:
• An understanding of what went wrong and why

• How to control intrusive thoughts

• How to talk to your partner and develop a healthy relationship

• A new sense of trust and safety

• The process and dimensions of forgiveness

• How to move on with a new sense of peace and hope

Unfaithful spouses will learn:

• Ways to successfully communicate your sincere regret

• An increased connection with your mate

• Ways to help your mate heal and feel more secure

• Ways to let go of your shame and move on

• New boundaries that help restore trust

• Ways to prevent relapse

The program is particularly helpful for couples:
  • Who are gridlocked over their need to move forward
  • Who don't want to further the damage with poor recovery techniques
  • Where the unfaithful spouse is having difficulty breaking away from the affair partner
  • Where the hurt spouse is having difficulty believing their mate
  • Where the infidelity was in the past, but the couple has never been able to properly address it to heal

- K, Ohio
I can't thank you enough for the EMS weekend. It was positive and life-changing for everyone who attended. My wife and I have an excellent chance of surviving as a couple. Please continue to do whatever you can possibly do to encourage people to attend. We had no idea whatsoever how helpful it would be.

Upcoming EMS dates:
*SOLD OUT* November 13-15, 2015 in Austin, TX
*SOLD OUT* December 11-13, 2015 in Austin, TX
*SOLD OUT* January 15-17, 2016 in Austin, TX
*SOLD OUT* February 12-14, 2016 in Austin, TX
*SOLD OUT* March 18th-20th, 2016 in Austin, TX
*SOLD OUT* April 22nd-24th, 2016 in Austin, TX
*SOLD OUT* May 20th-22nd, 2016 in Austin, TX
June 10th-12th, 2016 in Austin, TX
*SOLD OUT* July 15th-17th, 2016 in Austin, TX
*SOLD OUT* August 19th-21st, 2016 in Austin, TX
*SOLD OUT* September 16th-18th, 2016 in Austin, TX
*SOLD OUT* October 14th-16th, 2016 in Austin, TX
*SOLD OUT* November 11th-13th, 2016 in Austin, TX
*SOLD OUT* December 9th-11th, 2016 in Austin, TX
*SOLD OUT* January 13th-15th, 2017 in Austin, TX
*SOLD OUT *February 17th-19th, 2017 in Austin, TX

March 17th-19th, 2017 in Austin, TX
April 21st-23rd, 2017 in Austin, TX

*To be placed on a wait-list for a Sold Out weekend, contact Tony at 512-879-6326. The wait-list is comprised of customers who purchase the EMS Weekend for the next month that is not sold out. The list order is based on purchase date, first come first serve.

EMS Weekend 100% Money-Back Guarantee

We are confident in the EMS Weekend intensive and we take pride in the quality of services we provide to you. If you are not satisfied with our services after attending all three days, on Sunday (the third day) of your seminar speak directly with Rick Reynolds to request a refund and you will receive a 100% refund. This must specifically be requested from Rick in person on the third day of your seminar and no later.

EMS Weekend Refund Policy (read more):

  • $1000 of your payment is non-refundable if cancelling within 21 days before EMS.
  • The full cost of EMS is non-refundable if cancelling within 14 days before EMS unless you meet the criteria for the 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Payment Options

  • Pay in full: 1 payment of $3,700 (Food & Lodging included)
  • 3 Month Installment Plan: $1,000 deposit + 3 monthly installments of $945 (Food & Lodging included)
  • 5 Month Installment Plan: $1,000 deposit + 5 monthly installments of $594(Food & Lodging included)

Food and Lodging are included in the price. They include three nights lodging (Thursday, Friday, & Saturday) and 16 meals (6 Friday, 6 Saturday, and 4 Sunday).

Scholarships are currently available for EMS Online but not EMS Weekend. Learn more about the EMS Online course here.

Please note: Services offered by Affair Recovery are not therapy or counseling. Affair Recovery services are educational.

Payment Option: 


"Overall, without EMS Weekend 2 months ago, and all the tools it offers, my husband and I would not be where we are now, and might have, in fact, been divorced by now. I thank God that Rick created Affair Recovery to help couples. Thank you thank you thank you!"
- EMSW Participant
"I cannot believe how far I have come since EMS weekend just a couple of months ago. At that time, I could not even envision where we are now. Looking to a future of "better than". Thank you."
- EMSW Participant
"I expected to meet a group of losers who were going to spend the weekend talking about their feelings. Instead I met other people like me who were “normal” (people w/ problems). We spent time on ‘us’ as a couple and me as an individual – but part of a couple. We confronted our faults, issues, spirituality – we were forced to relook at what God wants for us in our marriage. We realized we need to spend (invest) time on us. We felt connected with the other couples immediately! We developed friendships based on a common experience. I believe this will be a life changing experience. I saw hard hearts softened, I saw beautiful smiles of joy on faces of people who came on Friday devoid of that. Thank you! "
- EMSW Participant
"I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I was very anxious. In preparation for coming, I read lots of testimonials online ad was very encouraged. I experienced love, acceptance, empathy, and a very safe place to share. I’m feeling that this weekend has laid a great foundation for our future. I’m encouraged! "
- EMSW Participant
"I expected to get much further down the road of recovery than we are getting with our counselor…and I did. I experienced renewed hope, a safe environment with other hurting people, a set of tools to help, and a compassionate set of counselors who understand. I am feeling hopeful and encouraged. "
- EMSW Participant
"I was expecting to see both of us torn down/devastated, but I was pleased to see both of us treated with grace/respect. I was challenged and pushed to the limit I needed to be pushed, but I understand and benefited because it was done it the Spirit of making me better in addition to benefiting our marriage. I feel better about our marriage today than I have in at least a year and a half."
- EMSW Participant
"My experience from EMS was such a blessing! I was expecting to gain an additional sense of hope. I realized a significant increase in hope for a better life and growth to oneness in God. I grew so much closer to my mate, felt an immense improvement in our increased intimacy. I made connections and new friendships with others seeking to recover and grow closer to God. I am feeling very hopeful about my marriage and my future. Anger management “time out” tools were very valuable. "
- EMSW Participant
"I was expecting it to feel like a counseling session but instead it turned out to be a great way to surface, discuss, and understand some very difficult topics. I am feeling strong and optimistic about our marriage and our future together. "
- EMSW Participant
"Outstanding! As far as expectations, I was just hoping they could help us understand and it did just that and so much more. I am very optimistic about me, my wife, and our marriage. "
- EMSW Participant
"Really appreciated how they tied together psychology, bio chemistry, and spiritual sides of the affair, the hurt, and the healing"
- EMSW Participant
"All therapists were very helpful and compassionate. I appreciate the spiritual component to the weekend. Food was great and venue was warm and welcoming."
- EMSW Participant
"I was expecting to get a boost. I wanted to really face my emotions and process his pain, which I have been able to do. I know we had gotten to a better place in our marriage because we were both willing to come, but I know we needed something that allowed us to move forward. I experienced enlightenment and I found hope. I feel we are going to make it. I think it was helpful to normalize a lot of marriage issues that I thought were specific to us but are very much universal. If everyone is dealing with a lot of the same struggles, it is easier to stay and work on it, otherwise I would leave and find myself in the same predicament again. "
- EMSW Participant
"I really enjoyed my time at EMS. I found the exercises to be engaging and thought provoking and exceedingly helpful for me. I had some expectations of EMS but really worked hard to be open to the teachings and exercises to experience it in its fullness. I believe that our marriage will be restored and that somewhere in the future God will use this somewhere else. "
- EMSW Participant
"We talked to a few people who are alumni of EMS so we had an idea of what to expect. I expected an intense weekend where we would get the tools to help through the pain. I experienced a place of safety and healing. There were people who were understanding and here to help us. It was an unbelievably safe environment where I was free to be me and around people who got it. The counselors were willing to take their time and talk through everyone’s pain, hurt, and discouragement. I have a great hope for our marriage and the future of our family. I know this had nothing to do with me or our marriage. "
- EMSW Participant
"I experienced acceptance without judgment, yet honesty about my own faults and weaknesses. I’m feeling hopeful about my marriage and the future. "
- EMSW Participant
"EMS was work. Well worth it work. I was expecting to not enjoy my time or get anything out of the weekend, am glad to say I was very wrong. I experienced a new way to look at my marriage, my mate, my life, and myself. I am feeling better about my marriage than when we were first married. God works in mysterious ways. "
- EMSW Participant
"I expected to be pushed into reconciliation and no other choice. I experienced an option to healing/reconciliation. Healing forgiveness by choice and recovery. Reconciliation is something I will have to decide. God is a huge part of it all and He will get me there along with the tools I have acquired and learned about myself and my husband. Long way to go but path worth pursuing. Very challenging weekend but only the beginning to the journey. I’m actually feeling pretty great about the future of my relationship and my spouse which is a miracle in itself! "
- EMSW Participant
"I did not have any expectations or knowledge, so my anxiety was pretty high coming here. Once I got inside the doors I immediately felt calmer and safe. It’s been a constant safe haven and I got way more toward believing in hope for our marriage, which I was not expecting. I now have hope when I was very unsure before. The exercises were all great- I’m so glad we came. Thank you! "
- EMSW Participant
"This program is unlike anything I could have ever expected. God led me and my wife to this program. I came with a great sense of hopelessness and I’m leaving with great hope. I pray that my wife and I will stay the course and look back on this moment at a time when our walk with God is in order, our love for each other is better than ever, and our marriage is renewed. "
- EMSW Participant
"I was expecting a weekend that would provide healing for my husband. I experienced healing for myself. I definitely found some moments of epiphany. "
- EMSW Participant
"There was so much in-depth training on marriage, abiding, and understanding of me as a person and how I work. As a betrayed spouse I can tell you how good it feels to hear my spouse express empathy. This is by far the most emotion and trueness that I have seen from them in 8+ months since the reveal. That was the beginning of healing for me this weekend. There are several things that I will take from this weekend and use in my marriage. I am more hopeful for my marriage after this weekend. I am extremely hopeful for myself as a person after this weekend. "
- EMSW Participant
"Before EMS I had no expectations that I would be able to relax at all. However, after sharing on Friday my story with my small group I knew that I would be heard and understood. I experienced compassion and love and no judgment. Rick brought so much insight and wisdom and made me feel normal. I honestly still don’t know where my marriage is going to go at this point, but I have committed to working on me. "
- EMSW Participant
"My experience at EMS was a dynamic eye-opener into my personal struggles and how I must continue to work at providing myself with a safe environment and to walk with God. I found the testimony of our mentor couple to be very helpful and insightful. It gave me hope that reading was not able to deliver. Actually seeing a success story that was similar in origin to ours was very promising. I feel my marriage will succeed or expire based on my spouse’s choice…as I will continue to follow God and have him guide her hand. Thank you all & God bless your work"
- EMSW Participant
"I really connected with my spouse while in the small group. It was a time to listen to other couples (with the therapist's guidance during discussions) and myself and my husband felt (for whatever reason) more of a heart (God) connection when in community with them. We are hopeful and commit to staying together at this time. We commit to leaving our old relationship in the past."
- EMSW Participant
"I connected with my wife well. We reached our goals for the weekend, I let me shame and humiliation get the best of me at first. I was way out of my comfort zone, but I made friend and saw their progress so far in the weekend. That was rewarding. My marriage has a ton of hurdles in the future, but we’re off to a good start. "
- EMSW Participant
"I didn’t really know what to expect when we came. I experienced truth, love, acceptance, honesty, experience, anxiety, peace. I am feeling hopeful about my marriage for the first time in over two years. I am looking forward to the growth in both of us that this program has kick-started. Thank you!"
- EMSW Participant
"I was not clear before coming to EMS what to expect. All I know is that being in a group of people who are on a similar path gave me encouragement and hope to survive this traumatic experience. I am hopeful and trusting (with God) for new beginnings in our marriage. "
- EMSW Participant
"I didn’t arrive with expectations, just a little hope and a lot of anxiety. I found a group of caring, safe people looking for the same thing I was. I can’t say it was easy but it was definitely worth it! "
- EMSW Participant
"I learned so much about myself and my wife through this journey and I am so thankful for the personal care given to our relationship by ALL the counselors there. I have hope in the future of my marriage that I didn’t previously have."
- EMSW Participant
"EMS gave me an opportunity to hear what my spouse wanted me to hear. I wouldn’t have bothered otherwise."
- EMSW Participant
"The weekend has opened my eyes to the pain I submitted my spouse to. It has given me a deeper understanding what my true commitment to deeper love should & will be. This weekend has showed me how to understand my vulnerability and how to see hers. I am very thankful that we made the decision to come to EMS. Even after 18 months of active recovery we gained so much insight on how to move forward together "
- EMSW Participant
"I’m not sure what I was expecting. I did not guess that it would be so intimate, so freeing, so open, that we would experience so much of the other couples’ journeys. I feel optimistic about our future. Thank you for all your love, support, and for putting this together. Thank you Rick for helping me break through other issues. "
- EMSW Participant
"I really didn’t know what to expect, but my hope was to cut through all the superficial issues of our marriage and get to the core of our problems. My hope was to learn in a deeper way what my wife was about and her journey from her point of view. I was at the end of my marriage, hanging on by a thread, and I needed the help of someone outside my marriage to help. Someone who could understand my wife in a way that would help her understand herself along with me understanding her. What I got out of these past 3 days here reached much farther than my expectations. What a blessing this has been to both of us. I will always be grateful to everyone who is part of EMS for being the catalyst that helped change my life and give me a path toward recovery. Thank you so very much. "
- EMSW Participant
"I found it to be a safe, loving, helpful environment and experience. I think we were both able to make a permanent decision to be committed to our marriage. "
- EMSW Participant
"I didn’t know what to expect; I was just looking for direction. My experience here was painful, but the weight lifted from my “body” afterwards s overwhelming. I now see the pain I caused from my infidelity to my spouse. I know that pain is closer to death than death itself. As for the future: clear mind, full heart, can’t lose! I honestly believe our marriage is going to be stronger and more dedicated and more connected in the next ten years from now. "
- EMSW Participant
"Did not know what to expect. Was a great experience. Exceeded my expectations. Offered so many tools to help start a new beginning together. A real chance to heal. Thank you, EMS."
- EMSW Participant
"I tried not to have too many specific expectations before I came. What I experienced was amazingly comprehensive coverage of the issues faced by couples post-adultery, presented in a trust-inducing environment. There was a huge amount of information, and some of the bites came as I was still chewing a previous bite, but I don’t know how else you could do it. Blessings on you for tackling such a toxic issue with such grace and mercy."
- EMSW Participant
"I received everything I was expecting plus more. I was able to leave the 10 pound weight from my gut (hurt/pain/anger) and I feel relief, something I have not felt in 4+ years! I can’t thank everyone involved with AR who I’ve learned from enough! I can and will move forward in a positive, healthy way. I am choosing my husband to love and start a fresh new journey together. "
- EMSW Participant
"EMS Weekend has felt like a very safe haven for me. I could be myself without fear of being criticized or condemned. I felt sometimes like I was at the feet of Jesus when he told the adulterous woman has no one condemned you so I do not condemn you, go and sin no more. It was beautiful. "
- EMSW Participant
"I was NOT wanting to come to this but am very glad that I did. It had helped my heart to open to possibilities of reconciliation. This was the best investment I could have ever made in working through my spouses infidelity. "
- EMSW Participant