EMS Weekend

Back In Person! Weekend Intensive For Couples To Heal After Infidelity

Cover more ground faster with this life-changing experience. EMS Weekend is led by one or more of our excellent EMSW clinical professionals. This is not your average light and fluffy program that only scratches the surface. EMS Weekend is an extremely well thought out deep dive into the critical elements needed for healing. Up front, it's important to know that we won't shame the unfaithful spouse nor blame the betrayed spouse. This is a safe place for both of you to heal.

Want to attend remotely instead of in-person and save $1,000? Check out the Virtual EMS Weekend option here.

What It's Like

EMS Weekend Details


June 21st - 23rd
July 19th - 21st
August 23rd - 25th
see Virtual EMS availability
*Occasionally openings arise within sold out months, see FAQ


Just outside of Austin, Texas in the Hill Country. The venue name is not advertised for confidentiality and will be e-mailed to you immediately after registration.


Arrive Thursday evening
Friday 8:00am - 7:30pm
Saturday 8:30am - 7:00pm
Sunday 7:30am - 3:30pm


Lodging & Meals

Lodging and meals are included in the price. This includes lodging on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights and all meals from breakfast Friday morning through lunch Sunday. One room per couple, separate rooms are available for an additional charge upon availability. We accommodate most dietary restrictions!

Hope from Alumni Who've Been There

We provide an Alumni Couple at each EMS Weekend to share their story of healing after infidelity. They also field questions from participants about their journey. Hope comes from real-life stories of people who don't just survive ... they thrive.

What's Covered During EMS Weekend

For spouses who have been betrayed:

  • How to wrap your head around what happened
  • Why it's not your fault
  • How your mate can finally 'get' what you're going through
  • How to manage triggers and intrusive thoughts
  • Why it's important to address the infidelity directly
  • What to do with anger and difficult emotions
  • The most significant barriers to healing
  • What's needed to build safety and trust
  • The many layers of forgiveness and why it takes time
  • How to talk with your mate to develop a healthy relationship
  • How and when to restore intimacy after infidelity
  • How to live with a new sense of peace and hope

For spouses who have been unfaithful:

  • Why we don't shame or pummel you
  • How to develop deep empathy for your spouse
  • How to authentically communicate sincere remorse
  • Ways to let go of your shame and redefine your identity
  • How to help your mate heal and feel more secure
  • Why full disclosure is the best road to take, not the worst
  • How to set boundaries that help restore trust
  • How to make a Travel Plan when traveling that helps create accountability and safety
  • How to develop a closer connection with your mate
  • How to prevent relapse
  • How to be closer and more transparent with one another than ever before

Why Intensives Are Worth It

Below Rick interviews Dr. Shawn Stoever, the Senior Director for the WinShape Foundation (a non-profit ministry of Chick-fil-a) who oversees their Marriage Retreats and Leadership programs. Dr. Stoever has spent the majority of his professional career helping develop marriage intensives and is one of the leading experts in the field. Listening to this interview will provide additional avenues for your recovery process. Shawn not only explains the benefits of an intensive and a marriage retreat, but he makes some recommendations on finding a specific program that could be helpful for you and your spouse.

I can't thank you enough for the EMS weekend. It was positive and life-changing for everyone who attended. My wife and I have an excellent chance of surviving as a couple. Please continue to do whatever you can possibly do to encourage people to attend. We had no idea whatsoever how helpful it would be.
- Kevin, Ohio

Belong to a Small Group That
Gets What You're Going Through

EMS Weekend Small Groups

Taking this journey with a small group provides the most powerful way to heal after infidelity. After the weekend, many people say they've developed friends who know them better than anyone else, the "real them". Small groups help us:

  • Build empathy
  • Break out of isolation
  • Validate our (seemingly crazy) emotions
  • Receive encouragement
EMS Weekend Theres no such beauty as where you belong

What Else Is Included?

Complimentary 18 Month Recovery Library Membership

You'll receive 18 months of free access to the Recovery Library, a $540 value. You'll be able to submit questions to the Expert Q&A and we'll film Rick or other infidelity experts answering the questions each week. Also, you'll have access to over 1,800 Expert Answered Q&A's, articles, and mentor videos that were authored by professionals who also have lived through and recovered from infidelity. If you don't know about the Recovery Library yet, you can learn more here.


After the weekend, you will continue to meet with your small group weekly by phone to work at implementing new behaviors and assure that you and your spouse continue in your healing journey. The first six weeks of the aftercare program is called Beyond EMS these are facilitated by an Affair Recovery Group Leader. After you've completed the first six weeks, we provide you with an optional 52 weeks of online curriculum, called Married for Life, to help you continue meeting with your small group if you wish. Married for Life is self-led by either you or one of your fellow group members. By that point, you'll be very familiar with the group process and conference calls.

"Thank you for giving us the chance to have continued group calls after the weekend, I think it really helps us stay on track and keep our healing fore front in our minds. I think without followup we'd fall back into old patterns too easily."
-Brenda, Georgia

Payment Options

  • Pay in full: 1 payment of $3,700
  • 3 Month Installment Plan: $1,000 deposit + 3 monthly installments of $945
  • 5 Month Installment Plan: $1,000 deposit + 5 monthly installments of $594
Price is per couple and covers both spouses. Food and Lodging are included: three nights lodging and all meals from Friday breakfast through Sunday lunch.

Please note: Installment Plan payments paid monthly for EMS Weekend are not a subscription. They are in place of one, single up-front payment. The initial deposit is charged immediately and the Installment Plan payments continue one month from the purchase date until all installments of the Plan have been paid.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

We are confident in the EMS Weekend intensive and we take pride in the quality of services we provide to you. If you and your spouse are not satisfied with our services after attending all three days, on Sunday (the third day) of your seminar, you and your spouse will speak directly with Rick Reynolds to request a refund and you will receive a 100% refund. If Rick is not available on Sunday, please make your request to Dr. John Haney. This must specifically be requested in person on the third day of your seminar and no later.

EMS Weekend Refund Policy

View the Refund Policy here.

Scholarships are not currently available for EMS Weekend but are available for the EMS Online. Learn more about the EMS Online course here.

Please note: Services offered by Affair Recovery are not therapy or counseling. Affair Recovery services are educational.


Is there a wait-list if a weekend is sold out?

We do not use wait-lists. However, if a spot opens up for a sold out weekend, it is offered to the customers who have purchased / registered to attend the EMS Weekend for the next month based on their date of purchase.

Where is EMS Weekend located?

Outside of Austin, TX in the Hill Country. We do not disclose the location or venue name where EMS Weekend is held for anonymity and privacy reasons. We immediately send you an email with the address and directions after you complete your purchase.

What airport do I fly into?

You can fly into either the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport or the San Antonio International Airport. They are about the same distance from the venue.

What is the best way to get to the venue from the airport?

We recommend renting a car at the airport.

How many couples attend?

Attendance can vary between 20 to 30 couples, however there are typically only 5 couples in your small group for your breakout sessions throughout the weekend.

Is EMS Weekend covered by insurance?

Unfortunately, EMS Weekends are not covered by insurance.

What is the recommended attire?

Please wear conservative casual clothing. Due to the nature of the retreat, please be respectful of the other attendees' journeys and refrain from form-fitting or cleavage-bearing tops as well as short shorts or skirts.

Are children welcome?

While our company values family time, alternative childcare will need to be arranged due to the nature of the retreat, the long hours, and venue set-up.

Is EMS Weekend faith-based?

We meet people where they are with regard to faith. While our program was created using Christian principles, we do not use faith to address the infidelity. Rather, we use a mixture of therapy-based techniques and the power of small groups to help couples heal. We welcome different backgrounds of faith as couples can benefit from viewpoints outside of themselves.

Payment Option: