Harboring Hope

For betrayed spouses.

Regardless of whether the unfaithful spouse is supportive, unsupportive, or gone, we want you to feel hope again. Whole again. Home again.

Please note: Currently classes are only offered for women. If you are a betrayed man and interested in the course, please send us an email at info@hope-now.com.

What is Harboring Hope?

Harboring Hope is specifically designed for betrayed spouses by professional counselors who are also betrayed spouses. We know the pain. We have been there. We want you to know that you are not alone, you are not crazy, and you are not destined to grieve forever. Harboring Hope can help you discover what you need to heal and help you find hope in your circumstance. We want to rebuild your confidence and give you room to thrive.

“The pain of infidelity is overwhelming and all-consuming. Harboring Hope is a gift. For me, Harboring Hope is people who truly understand my pain and what I'm living through. Without them, it feels as if I would have no hope.” - A, Armenia

What resources will I have?

This faith-based course joins you with other betrayed spouses in a private small group of women. The group communicates via a weekly telephone conference call as well as an online forum that is accessible 24/7. Your small group is a safe, intimate place where you receive support from others while on your path to recovery. Harboring Hope includes:

  • 12 week workbook
  • Streamed lecture videos
  • Weekly small group conference call
  • Monthly Q&A Broadcast with Harboring Hope authors Leslie Hardie and John Haney
  • Small group forum for support throughout the week.
  • Complimentary six month Recovery Library membership

“Harboring Hope gave me the structure I needed to be able to work through the darkest time in my life so far.” -R, Texas

How does the healing process look in my day-to-day life?

Each week, you’ll start by reading the workbook chapter and watching the lecture video of Leslie and John. As you read the chapter, you will complete homework exercises, some of which you will share during your small group call. In addition, you’ll be able to submit questions to Leslie Hardie, LCSW and John Haney, PhD, LPC, the authors of Harboring Hope. Each month, we record their answers during a Q&A session and post them for you to listen to online. You’ll also gain access to a library of past Harboring Hope Q&A sessions.

Harboring Hope also includes 6 months of free access to the Recovery Library, a $180 value containing hundreds of articles, videos, and Q&A recordings by Affair Recovery's experts.

“Harboring Hope provided me the opportunity to receive the excellent support and resources I desperately needed to heal. It literally provided me a way out of the isolation that the despair of infidelity can bring and into the fellowship of hope found through shared experiences of recovery.” – L, New Mexico

What have participants said about Harboring Hope?

“My Harboring Hope time was just that MY time. My time to heal. My time to receive encouragement and hope. It was exactly what I needed to begin navigating through this nightmare to a hopeful tomorrow.” –Debbie, Kansas

“When I joined HH, I thought I was the only person experiencing the pain I was going through. Then I was connected with 5 other guys from Alaska to Austin. All of a sudden, I heard my story through their mouths. The same hurt, anger and frustrations were all expressed by these men. I'm so thankful for not only Harboring Hope, but for the other men that were able to work with me through our betrayal. I wasn't alone in my pain, these men were here to support me and mourn with me. Thanks for bringing hope back into my life.” -Jonathan, Arkansas

“Harboring Hope helped facilitate healing and personal growth during the most painful time in my life. I have gone from numbness, deep sorrow, and sadness to living with hope and confidence.” –M, Texas

Please note: Services offered by Affair Recovery are not therapy or counseling. Affair Recovery services are educational.

Payment options for Harboring Hope include:

  • 1 payment of $495
  • 3 monthly payments of $173

Scholarships are available. Apply Here

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"Well before this course i had no direction nor a real way to get my husband to cooperate, but this course provided so much insight."
- V. Canada | HH Participant
"At first I was unsure if HH was something that I wanted to commit to. I knew I needed something more than what I was getting from meeting weekly with my counselor, so I eventually decided to enroll. I feel God lead me to HH and it was exactly what I needed. In my darkest hours and when my world was turned upside down, I found support from others and a safe place to openly discuss my hurts and fears. I felt like I wasn't alone. There was power in sharing my story with others and hope that I would not remain in the valley of darkness forever. I am much stronger today than when I first began HH, and regardless of what will happen in my marriage, I have hope for my future and I know I will be ok. Thank you for offering HH, it has been an amazing blessing in my life and I am forever grateful! "
- J. KS | HH Participant
"The Affair Recovery website has become a touchstone for me since the revelation of my husband's affair 14 months ago. After nearly a year of suffering in isolation (having chosen not to reveal his affair to our family and friends) I joined Harboring Hope, and it has been truly life changing. Not only are the materials important, but the group itself is a tremendous help. Reading the book, taking the time to think through answers to the questions, really allowed me to process each step of recovery -- the disclosure of information, the depth of betrayal, the steps to take in healing. It is absolutely essential for a betrayed spouse to take the time for PERSONAL HEALING, rather than just focusing on healing the marriage. And having a group of women to talk to felt like a tremendous weight off of my shoulders. Each of circumstances was different, and yet we were all in the same boat together. I have found it very easy to blame myself for my husband's affair. And yet, when one of the women in my group did this, I leapt to her defense. When I realized this -- it isn't her fault that her husband had an affair, so why am I blaming myself for mine? -- it was eye opening. There were women who are navigating through this alone, with their husbands, and in a state of uncertainty. Yet all of us provided support to one another. I have made friends for life through this course."
- D. IL | HH Participant
"I thought I was going crazy, a complete failure, and everyone around me was in a healthy place. It was good to know that none of this was true. E - California"
- E. California | HH Participant
"The material is great and very in-depth. I see myself all over the pages which makes me feel quite validated so I no longer feel crazy and alone. Thank you for sharing hope, it is a great blessing! My Group Leader is fabulous. Her care and compassion really shine through and her voice is very comforting, too!"
- L. Florida | HH Participant
"Harboring Hope was such a wealth of compassion, support, and expert guidance during this intensely painful and disorienting season. And the women in my group are now my "sisters"."
- B. Texas | HH Participant
"Over the past 14 months, I have tackled this painful journey completely on my own. The only person I have spoken to was my husband. HH took me out of my isolation and let me tell my story. It also made me aware that others have a much tougher road than I do."
- R. Canada | HH Participant
"I enjoyed the group discussions. "
- C. Texas | HH Participant
"Thank you to all and to those in this organization who are caring!! To make the wheels turn and to make the whole picture of the pain and anguish real is amazing. I am thankful for all you have taught me....given me and blessed me with. May God bless you...whoever is reading this. May you know that you have touched and reached another broken home, because of what you do. Blessings""
- Anonymous | HH Participant
"Harboring Hope is like water to someone dying of thirst. I needed people like me to talk to. And I needed to find ways to think about suffering, hope, and God in all this. "
- D. NC | HH Participant
"If you have any questions about Harboring Hope, know that it was absolutely necessary to my personal recovery. There is no roadmap when your world is shattered by infidelity, but Harboring Hope connects you with a community of men that truly understand the pain, confusion, and all-consuming effect that your spouse's choices have had on your life. I thought I was alone, and didn't know how to move forward - Harboring Hope helped me find other men that provided support while walking through content created specifically for our situation. "
- C. Illinois | HH Participant
"No one really understands how it feels to deal with everything that you have to deal with after an affair is discovered except people that have been there too. It's so nice to be able to hear others going through what I am going through and to be able to talk about the pain/anger/sadness together. I will recommend this to anyone that I come across that needs it. "
- A. Texas | HH Participant
"Gaining a better understanding of what happened, what I was going through emotionally, and how to move forward with recovery was invaluable."
- L. USA | HH Participant
"It is a huge help to have a plan of action to conquer this pain, and to have a list of things that are detrimental to the healing process."
- S. Texas | HH Participant
"Thank you so much for your wonderful leading and incredible curriculum. Painful at times but necessary for true healing. Thank you for using God's word as the plumb line for your material. Refreshing in today's "economy" of what to do in these situations. May God bless you abundantly. Everyone at Affair Recovey. Thank you. :)"
- J. Ohio | HH Participant
"I realized it was normal to feel the way I did and that there were steps I could take to help myself heal no matter what direction my life took. "
- S. Texas | HH Participant
"I do not know what I would have done had I not found HH. It was an answer to my prayers after my discovery. I not only found a group of ladies that could relate to what I was going through, I found 5 wonderful new sisters that laughed, cried, and prayed with me. I was very blessed with the group I was put into. We have exchanged personal info to be able to be there for each other any time we need. Finding people who could relate to how I was felling made me feel like I wasn't alone in this nightmare I found myself in. It was truly a Godsend."
- C. Texas | HH Participant
"I don't know how I would've gotten through the last three months without the ladies and mediator in Harboring Hope. The fact that we all knew each other from EMS weekend was the best part. I would highly recommend this for the ladies who meet at EMS. There's a connection during small group calls like no other and we are so comfortable to just dig right in to the conversation."
- L. Texas | HH Participant
"There are no words to adequately express what the Harboring Hope course and the level of healing it has brought has meant to me. As a hurt spouse who has endured multiple affairs before finding Affair Recovery and Harboring Hope, I can honestly say I am in a place of strength, healing, and insight I never thought possible. The band of sisters I have gained through my group members will be lifelong friends as we bonded "in the foxhole" of our own shared pain and healing. Our group leader was a source of grace and hope, as the focus was taken off of "saving the marriage" and onto letting God heal and save us as hurt women. As a result, I believe my marriage has great hope. My children have a healthier, stronger mother and role model, and my shield of faith has grown five sizes! The fiery darts will always come, but Harboring Hope and Affair Recovery have given me tools for healing, weapons for defense, and prayer-warrior friends I will have the rest of my life. To put succinctly, this course helped me clothe myself with strength and dignity, so I am truly able to smile at the future (Proverbs 31:25). To feel dignity again and strength to face the future are the two greatest gifts I could have been given in the midst of such desperate and dark hours. It has changed my life and therefore, my children's lives as well. How can I thank you enough? "
- W. United States | HH Participant
"It was great to share with other people that knew and understood what I was going through and where I was in the journey. Having a group of women you know aren't judging you because they've been there too was reassuring and made opening up that much easier. The insights you take away from them, the amount of material that makes you think, and the revelations you have about yourself and your nature make Hope for Healing a wonderful, positive, and encouraging journey. "
- C. Texas | HH Participant
"After having struggled in silence with infidelity and heartbreak I was relieved to find Affair Recovery and Harboring Hope. It has helped me a lot to share my pain with other women and start me on the right track towards personal healing."
- T. South Africa | HH Participant
"The women I met in my group are amazing. I have created some life long friendships that I wouldn't otherwise. Given the circumstances of my life right now, it's a special thing to have others that I can connect with, that are going through the same thing."
- N. Idaho | HH Participant
"My leader was so open and honest about her own journey that it gave me the strength to keep on going and believe that there really is hope for my marriage. "
- P. Washington | HH Participant
"I learned so much more about the workings of infidelity for both the betrayer and betrayed through the workbook. I looked forward to our weekly phone calls; it brought comfort during one of the most unsettling times of my life."
- L. Missouri | HH Participant
"Harboring Hope offered a forum to learn and discuss the pain that is being betrayed with people who can understand in a way no one who hasn't been betrayed can. It allowed me to gain perspective and insight through other's experiences and know I am not crazy, rather human and normal. I am so glad my group was here each week to take me on this journey."
- J. Oregon | HH Participant
"The combination of the course material and the small group discussion was fabulous. I am confident that I have explored every aspect of recovery and have a strong foundation to continue working on my own. And the group discussions provided a safe forum to delve deeper into my feelings and to get new perspective that I would not have discovered if I was working on this by myself."
- J. Virginia | HH Participant
"Talking with the people in this group was one of the most healing experiences. Through healing together I have found some life long friends."
- C. Alabama | HH Participant
"I just wanted to thank you. I have been participating in the Harboring Hope program and it has truly been such a blessing to me. I feel renewed and hopeful and am loving the support of the other women who understand. "
- S. California | HH Participant