Virtual EMS Weekend

Attend the 3-Day Intensive Remotely

This page covers what’s unique about attending the EMS Weekend Virtually. Go to the EMS Weekend Main Page to learn more about the incredible benefits regardless if you attend in-person or virtually.


June 11th - 13th [VIRTUAL] *SOLD OUT*
July 17th - 19th [VIRTUAL] *SOLD OUT*

August 20 th - 22nd [VIRTUAL]
Registration deadline is August 11th at 2:00pm Central Time
September 17th - 19th [VIRTUAL]
Registration deadline is September 8th at 2:00pm Central Time
*Occasionally openings arise within sold out months, see FAQ

Payment Options

  • Pay in full: 1 payment of $2,700
  • 3 Month Installment Plan: $1,000 deposit + 3 monthly installments of $595
  • 5 Month Installment Plan: $1,000 deposit + 5 monthly installments of $374

Please note: Price is per couple and covers both spouses. Installment Plan monthly payments for EMS Weekend are not a subscription. They are in place of one, single up-front payment. The initial deposit is charged immediately and the Installment Plan payments continue one month from the purchase date until all installments of the Plan have been paid.

EMS Weekend Refund Policy

  • $1,000 of your payment becomes non-refundable after seven calendar days of purchase.
  • The full cost of EMS is non-refundable if cancelling within 21 days before EMS unless you meet the criteria for the 100% Money-Back Guarantee.
  • View the Refund Policy here.

Virtual Specific FAQ's

What’s the difference between attending remotely vs. in-person?

Besides being $1,000 less than in-person, not having to pay for travel, and then actually travel, the short answer is: practically nothing!


In-person: Are well…in person!
Virtual: High quality live streamed via Zoom from the in-person venue.

Small Group Breakouts

In-person: Led by one of our amazing counselors in a breakout room with 4-5 couples.
Virtual: Led by one of our amazing counselors who is dedicated to your virtual small group of 4-5 couples. Takes place in a Zoom breakout room.

Couple’s Counseling Session

In-person: One in-person counseling session with just you, your spouse, and our counselor during the weekend.
Virtual: One Zoom counseling session with just you, your spouse, and our counselor during the weekend.


In-person: Catered in-person.
Virtual: Not catered, couples eat with their virtual small group.

What else is included?

Refund Policy, Aftercare, Complimentary Recovery Library Membership (18 month) are all included and are the same as listed on the EMS Weekend Main Page.

What will we need to participate?

A quiet, private place to attend Rick's live lectures and the small group discussions via video conference. On Day 2, you will need separate spaces and two devices to complete the wayward-specific and betrayed-specific exercises. This could be a room in your home, your car or outside (if weather and connectivity allows).

Virtual EMS Weekend Testimonials

"I thought the virtual session would not be as effective. I was completely wrong. The context, discussions, homework has given me hope for a future that is new with my husband."

"Accomplished more than months of regular couples therapy."

"I honestly thought this had worked for other people but [I] didn’t think anything could change our dysfunctional way of relating after 35 years of marriage. I was wrong. I have real hope going forward for the first time."

"I experienced a gush of helpful information, heart to heart conversations and immense support. I came to the weekend hopeless and left feeling encouraged and certain of a better tomorrow."

Payment Option: