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Welcome to Affair Recovery's Harboring Hope Monthly Drawing. We want to know you. We want to serve you. This means we want to hear from you!

The first step is telling us what we can do for you. Please tell us why you’d like to take Harboring Hope.If you made a comment prior to a previous registration period, that comment is still good for your entry.

Remember, submit a comment of 500 words or less about why you'd like to take the Harboring Hope course. Remember, it's a random drawing so your entry won't be based on merit or on your situation. Comments will be moderated by AR...

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survivors Blog-Elizabeth-Thoughts-on-Marriage-what i actually needed was for someone to tell me that it hurt because it mattered

Today I wanted to share something that happened in my office that was incredibly moving to me. At work, we get to see people of all ages and ailments. Whatever your profession is, have you ever had a moment when someone walks in your door and you quickly realize (even though you are the so called professional) that you are the one about to learn?...

, 1 day 7 hours ago

Samuel shares what remorse sounds and looks like for those in crisis.

, 6 days 7 hours ago

Samuel discusses misunderstanding, defensiveness and accusation.

, 1 week 1 day ago

Samuel helps those who feel stuck in their recovery.

, 1 week 6 days ago

Samuel shares personal insight on how to heal from the humiliation spouses feel from infidelity.

, 1 week 6 days ago

When I hear the words liar or cheater, I get a yucky and icky feeling in my stomach. I do not have the strength to face the realization that all of us are broken, without also knowing all people are able to choose humility and redemption. If I don't accept the possibility for change and repentance, I will drown in a spiral of shame.

It is hard to look back on my life and admit or pinpoint when I started telling lies instead of the truth. Like water is to a fish, it is something I have always lived with. That might sound strange to some, but perhaps a better way to explain would be to say that I have...

, 2 weeks 1 day ago

Samuel answers a viewers question about when it's better to walk away from your spouse.

, 2 weeks 5 days ago
waiting involves that we participate and engage-survivors Blog-Elizabeth-Waiting

Chances are if you are reading this, you are waiting for something. I remember early on in our recovery from my infidelity, it seemed that I was waiting mostly for some sort of relief from the circumstances I had created. I was lost in a complete shame spiral, and I wanted relief! I wanted the pain to go away. I have to admit now, I also was so ready for my husband to not be in pain anymore. I...

, 2 weeks 6 days ago

Samuel discusses what it means to lose yourself while doing repair work.

, 3 weeks 1 day ago

Samuel answers a viewers question about what to do when their betrayed spouse won't get help.

, 3 weeks 5 days ago
dear unfaithful keep working hard - survivors blog - elizabeth - letter to the unfaithful

If you are reading this and your affair has been discovered, chances are you don't know where to turn, where to go, or have any idea what will come of your life.

You might feel like your life is over. Humiliation probably doesn't begin to scratch the surface of what you are feeling. You are now exposed for who you really are. You are a cheater. You are a liar....

, 3 weeks 6 days ago

Samuel shares a monumental recovery tool for those who are trying to get unstuck in their recovery work.

, 4 weeks 1 day ago

Samuel discusses a normal struggle for couples in crisis due to infidelity.

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i hope you know that you arent alone in your story-survivors Blog-Elizabeth-Rebuilding-and-Remorse-from-a-Plane

I am writing this as I sit on a flight to a sunny destination with my husband; the same man who has courageously fought to give our marriage another chance.

I am so grateful.

So much has changed in...

, 1 month 4 days ago

Samuel shares practical insight into why the unfaithful hesitates to give details about their affair.

, 1 month 6 days ago

Samuel interviews MJ Denis on understanding multiple disclosures and how to help the betrayed spouse move forward.

, 1 month 1 week ago
can an Blog-Elizabeth-Can-an-Unfaithful-Wife-Ever-Have-Male-Friends-survivors blog-elizabeth

When you begin sorting out the mess of infidelity, life gets complicated. As an unfaithful female, I started to question all interaction I had with the opposite sex following D day. I honestly considered at one point, that it might be easiest to just convert myself into a nun so I could avoid men for the rest...

, 1 month 1 week ago

Samuel interviews MJ Denis on understanding multiple disclosures and how to help the betrayed spouse move forward.

, 1 month 1 week ago

Samuel shares key insight into changing patterns when one spouse seems to be the pursuer.

, 1 month 2 weeks ago
whatever you are doing to try to care for your injured spouse keep doing it-survivors Blog-Elizabeth-How-do-I-Show-my-Betrayed-Spouse-that-I-Really-Care

I was reading through many of my journal entries during the first year after discovery. I have several journals that are stuffed with scribbles, thoughts, and pages of raw and bloodied emotion. As I thumb through the hundreds of pages, I can see...

, 1 month 2 weeks ago

Samuel interviews Rick the founder of affairrecovery.com on defensiveness and how to remedy it.

, 1 month 2 weeks ago

Samuel discuses an important recovery tool for those who deal with anger in repair work.

, 1 month 3 weeks ago

Samuel discusses gaslighting and both the betrayed and unfaithful spouse.

, 1 month 3 weeks ago
facing my feelings has led me to look at the truth-survivors blog-elizabeth-off the chart emotions

If there was a scale of emotions, I think it's safe to say we all prefer to be somewhere right in the middle; somewhere between 65 and 75 degrees. . . not too hot, not too cold.

If your story and recovery has looked anything like ours, then you've probably realized that you and your mate's emotions can go way off the charts. We have been on roller coasters...

, 1 month 3 weeks ago

Samuel discusses gaslighting and both the betrayed and unfaithful spouse.

, 1 month 3 weeks ago
text here

As a real estate and small business attorney, I have always been drawn to the processes that emerge during real estate and business deals. Emotions run high at the hope of future opportunity in the early stages. As particulars are investigated, uncertainties become clearer and some risks become calculable. There is always a gap between what is known and what can only be projected. Ultimately, the constraints of resources and time merge to force a decision. It is in that moment...

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we cannot undo our past but it doesnt take a lot of light to pierce through the darkness-survivors Blog-Elizabeth-Can-People-Change

If you find yourself in the first few months of discovery, chances are you are enduring many mornings that you don't see the point of getting out of bed. Your world and life as you knew it are gone. Life can seem empty and cold. Looking back on our first six months after discovery, there were days it seemed like an eternity of pure hell....

, 2 months 2 days ago

Samuel shares a humorous but telling story about his motivation in recovery work.

, 2 months 4 days ago

Samuel has a heart to heart with the unfaithful spouse about choosing their partner.