Online Course Options

At Affair Recovery, our confidential online programs facilitate new pathways for change. Our 13-week courses use a professionally developed curriculum and the power of collaborative peer support to help couples and individuals heal from the devastation of infidelity.

Our programs are completely anonymous, and you can participate from the convenience and privacy of your own home. You can use our courses as your primary resource or as a complement to the work you might already be doing with a pastor or therapist.

Harboring Hope

Harboring Hope is a 13-week course designed to help betrayed spouses heal after an affair. Regardless of whether the unfaithful spouse is supportive, unsupportive or gone, your life can be restored. With an in-depth workbook and streaming video curriculum, the course places you with a group leader and several other same-gender betrayed spouses in a private, anonymous small group that connects on a weekly conference call and private online wall (message board). You’ll find your group provides support, direction and a safe place for healing.
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EMS Online

EMS Online is a life-changing, 13-week course that helps couples survive an affair and rebuild their marriage. Designed for both the hurt and unfaithful spouse, the course combines a structured workbook and streamed video curriculum with an encouraging support group.
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Hope for Healing

Hope for Healing is a 17 week course designed to bring healing to unfaithful spouses, regardless of the stance of the betrayed spouse. Hope for Healing will teach you to identify your barriers and break through them. We know it is scary, but we will help you cut ties with your affair partner, if not done already, and help you set up boundaries to begin healing those you’ve wounded.
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