Preview: EMS Online 2nd Edition

Based on decades of experience addressing infidelity.

After three years of hard work, we’ve completely overhauled EMS Online to create one of the most well thought-out recovery courses in the world. We filmed thirteen incredible lectures with Rick, and twelve inspiring Mentor Couples who recall their journeys of healing, unscripted. So much video was going to be packed into this course that we moved offices and built our very own AR Studio to film it all.

Specialized tools promote healing

Expert Lectures

Affair Recovery’s methodology has years of experience behind it. Rick Reynolds, LCSW has specialized in working with couples after infidelity for 24 years and has personally worked with 2,500 couples. He has learned what works and what doesn’t work. EMS Online 2nd Edition presents the right lessons in the right order.

In-Depth Workbooks

The course comes with two 400 page workbooks which will be mailed to you in a plain box that does not say “Affair Recovery” anywhere on it. It will contain one workbook for the betrayed spouse and one for the unfaithful spouse. Each chapter covers one week of the course and contains lessons and practical exercises that you’ll discuss when you talk with your small group that week.

About the Online Course

  • Length: 13 Weeks
  • Time commitment: 3-4 hrs / week
  • Designed for: Couples only
  • Format: Online Small Group
  • Group size: 5 couples + Group Leader
  • Each Week you’ll:
    • Watch Rick’s lectures
    • Watch Mentors talk about their recovery journeys and lessons learned about the current week’s topic
    • Read the lesson in your workbook and complete exercises
    • Talk with your Small Group via conference call led by a trained and compassionate Group Leader who has also personally experienced infidelity

Hope from others gone before

Mentor Videos

When Mentors came to our studio, we filmed two things:
  • First their stories. Unscripted, inspiring journeys from the darkest of times, through healing, to their present lives of meaning.
  • Second the role that that week’s lesson played in their recovery journey. For example, Week 4’s lesson covers handling triggers and intrusive thoughts. Therefore, the Mentor Couple of Week 4 talk about the role that handling triggers and intrusive thoughts played throughout their recovery process.

Belong to a Small Group that gets what you’re going through

Taking this journey with a group provides the most powerful way to heal after infidelity. Many people after the course say they have new best friends who know them on a deeper level than anyone else.

They help us:
  • Build empathy
  • Break out of isolation
  • Validate our (seemingly crazy) emotions
  • Receive encouragement
Learn more about the power of small groups

Expert Answers

EMS Online Weekly Video Q&A with Rick

Have a question that your Group Leader or fellow members can’t answer? Do not fear. You can submit your question to Rick and once a week (most weeks) we film Rick reading and answering questions in the AR Studio and post those videos for participants only. How’s that for an answer?

What’s Covered?

For spouses who have been betrayed:
  • An understanding of what went wrong and why
  • How to manage triggers and intrusive thoughts
  • How to talk to your partner and develop a healthy relationship
  • What you need to have safety and build trust
  • The many layers of forgiveness and why it takes time
  • How to live with a new sense of peace and hope

For spouses who have been unfaithful:
  • How to authentically communicate your sincere remorse
  • How to develop a closer connection with your mate
  • Ways to help your mate heal and feel more secure
  • Ways to let go of your shame and redefine your identity
  • New boundaries that help restore trust
  • How to prevent relapse

For the couple:
  • Together, how to learn what happened and properly address the betrayal
  • How to have rational versus emotional conversations
  • How to create a safe environment for healing
  • How to set healthy expectations for reconnecting
  • How and when to restore intimacy
  • How to be closer and more transparent with one another than ever before

100% Money-Back Guarantee

We are confident in the new EMS Online 2nd Edition course and we take pride in the quality of services that we provide. If both spouses are not satisfied with our services and have attended at least ten out of the thirteen group meetings, a 100% refund will be provided.

Complimentary 12 Month Recovery Library Membership

You’ll receive 12 months of free access to the Recovery Library which typically costs about $360. If you don’t know what the Recovery Library is, you can learn more here.

EMS Online Aftercare (optional)

After you’re finished with the 13 week course, we provide you with 52 weeks of online curriculum to help you continue your journey with your small group. By this point, you’ll know the drill and so your aftercare will be self-led by you or your fellow group members.

Disclaimer: Affair Recovery's EMS Online 2nd Edition is educational only. It is not counseling nor is it a substitute for counseling. Affair Recovery and the Group Leaders do not serve as a counselor or therapist. If you need professional counseling, please seek a licensed professional therapist in your area.

Please post comments to this page if you have a question about the new course!

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What is the schedule for the online EMS program? I read somewhere it is held 5/15-17 but also 3-4 hrs a week x 13 weeks?