New Website Features

Hey all! As you may have noticed, earlier this month we unveiled some incredible new tools for your recovery journey with our new site. AR has always been full of great information, but now it’s a cinch to connect with others, be heard, complete coursework, and find resources tailored to your recovery.

Connect with Others Who Understand

AR Community

The AR Community is a warm, safe environment to connect with others and receive hope, encouragement, and support. Once you sign up for the Recovery Library, an online course, or the EMS Weekend retreat, you'll have access to the My Dashboard section. There you’ll see this AR Community page (above) highlighting your community forums. You will be a member of two community forums. Your first forum has members that exclusively are the same gender and affair role (betrayed or unfaithful) as you, for example the "Betrayed Women" forum. The second forum, called General Community, is the forum that all members have access to including both male/female betrayed/unfaithful. 

Small Group Wall

If you want a smaller tight knit group for a more personal connection, join an online course. Once you're in an online course, you will be given a small group and you’ll see the My Courses section in the left hand menu (above). Your Small Group’s Wall is only accessible to those in your group and gives you a confidential way to connect and communicate at any time. Your Small Group Wall allows your group members to breathe life, encouragement and understanding into your recovery.

Complete Coursework

AR Online Lessons

Delve into the weekly videos and lessons (above) of your online courses by clicking on the week by week navigation menu at the top of the window. Scroll right to left to see previous and future lessons without losing your place.

Find Resources

Recovery Library

We saved the best for last! We are thrilled with the new Recovery Library. If you’ve been a Recovery Library member in the past, I’m sure you’ve experienced the frustration of scrolling page after page in the old library, desperate to find some insight on one specific topic. No more, my friend! All 630+  expert videos, podcasts, and articles are now segmented into 25 categories and can be found in a few easy clicks.

We hope these updates make your life just a little bit easier. We carefully crafted the new website with you in mind and we're here to support you in embracing an extraordinary life of meaning and purpose.

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