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When I came to Affair Recovery I was desperate for some direction on how to deal with the overwhelming emotions that I was dealing with. I was married for 8 years to a man who had multiple affairs. He was unwilling to do the work in the relationship to heal from this betrayal and trauma so I decided I couldn't stay in the marriage. I divorced him and though that was it. I moved to another state and started over. I met a man and fell in love again. 4 years into the relationship I found out he had been having multiple affairs. I was devastated to be here again! I was so lost at what to do. In my marriage I had reached out to friends and family for their support and I found that this caused so much more confusion and trauma. I decided not to reach out to anyone that had never been through this before or never healed themselves. I started searching online for help and quickly found Affair Recovery...My first call with Harboring Hope was incredibly emotional and hard to get through but I was desperate and the women on the call were just like me, broken, looking for hope. I took comfort in this. I felt safe. The workbook and videos each week were full of wisdom, and understanding, and gentle guidance through the emotional roller coaster that is recovery. I am forever grateful for this organization, and for the men and women who have been through this before, taking the time out of the their own stories to help me heal.

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A. New Jersey