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My husband and I just finished EMS Online. D-Day was last December, and ever since then we have started our journey of healing with the help of Affair Recovery — first with the seven-day bootcamp and later with EMSO. I was not sure I wanted to try EMSO because I could not imagine sharing the most painful thing that ever happened to me with complete strangers, when I find it impossible to talk about our story with anyone except our counselor. I am so thankful that my husband convinced me to give EMSO a try. I can honestly say that we are already in a much better place now than we were 13 weeks ago, and that the people who were strangers at the beginning have now become essential to us in our healing. I am happy to say that we have all decided to continue with the Married for Life program. EMSO is amazing; it helped us get through the first incredibly painful weeks after learning about the infidelity. We both learned valuable lessons about love, communication, marriage and how to deal with the trauma of infidelity. We learned lessons that are essential for healthy relationships (not only marriage), which we know will be helpful to our individual recovery. I would definitely recommend both Affair Recovery courses to others. We found an incredible amount of hope in the mentor videos. Just seeing how others who have already walked this path share that the pain and hard work are worth it, and that we can find a much better marriage on the other side, encouraged us the past few months.

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