C. Australia

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I did the EMS online course. I have been married for 22 years and most of that duration my Husband has been involved in some sort of infidelity; be it porn, massage parlors, meeting other women, then an affair. My husband found Affair Recovery in his search for healing. He did another course and really wanted to do a couple's course. I was very doubtful to begin with. Over the 13 weeks of this course I have had many highs and lows but with that has come growth and change. I have come to see that my husband is capable of change and can love me in ways I was not capable of seeing. I have learned how to let my guard down and allow God to work in our lives and marriage. The changes we have made in our daily lives are: communication is open and honest, time spent is quality time together, we go to bed nearly every night together, we do pillow talk, hold each other, bless each other goodnight, we are aware of what the other has on during the day, we listen with not just our ears but our hearts too. We are choosing our marriage and turning to God. No matter what happens I know God loves us both and all things are possible to those who love and trust in our Lord and Savior.

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C. Australia