C. Minnesota

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I am a 32 year old newlywed who never expected to end up here. My husband began his affair with his ex-girlfriend just 3 months after our wedding when she messaged him on Instagram to ask "How's married life?" Harboring Hope has given me the tools to confront the betrayal head-on, outwardly and inwardly, and a community of other women who know exactly how I feel. I've learned how to grieve, and how to really feel those scary emotions like anger and sadness, and allow them to transform me. I've learned what forgiveness really means and what it doesn't mean. I've learned to be vulnerable and ask for help. I've learned about what trauma does to your brain and body, and how I can create a sense of safety in my life again. The most important lesson I learned: you did not deserve to be hurt the way you did, but it is your job to pick yourself up and learn how to walk again. You will be so proud of yourself once you do!

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C. Minnesota