C.T., NY

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I was introduced to Affair Recovery by a friend from church who completed the program years ago. She was trying to help me through my husband's recent infidelity. I had just been married for 5 months when he first admitted to cheating...I felt like if he just never did it again we would be fine...However, things quickly started to reveal itself and fast forward to 4 months later and my husband's girlfriend of almost 3 years shows up at my doorstep...In the midst of this I found out I was pregnant, my husband promised he was no longer in a relationship with the other woman....One quiet tearful night alone I finally logged onto Affair Recovery and signed up for the free 7 day boot camp. Answering those questions showed me I needed Affair Recovery more than I thought. Although my husband's infidelity was his choice and problem, healing from it in a healthy way was my responsibility. Going over the questions showed me I wasn't doing that and desperately needed to heal correctly. One thing that stood out to me was the 20 mistakes the betrayed spouse made, I had made almost all of them if not all. I wish I would have had this list sooner and I would have known to try and avoid these mistakes. The Harboring Hope small group was great. I got to bond with other women going through betrayal like me. They helped me not feel crazy when I shared my story. They comforted me through the pain of being pregnant and my husband not being around. The workbook was so helpful, especially the lessons on forgiveness and finding meaning in your suffering. I know I will go back to that workbook for refreshing and encouragement as I continue through this season in my marriage. I would highly recommend Affair Recovery to anyone going through betrayal. I have actually already suggested it to quite a few women. I encourage any betrayed spouse to partake in Affair Recovery, it's such a great support system with so many different resources. There's videos, forums to ask questions from others, and of course the best part Harboring Hope. I encourage you that even though things may feel out of your control, the one thing that is in your control is your healing! Affair Recovery will help you take a step closer to gaining that control.

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C.T., NY