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I took the 13-week online course for couples to heal after Infidelity and to be honest I don't think my wife and I would be together if not for this course. The shock of discover that my wife was having an emotional online affair (sexting as well) with her counselor shook my world and hers as well. We had no idea where to start and immediately googled where we could seek help from. It was a blessing that Affair Recovery was high on the list of options. Once we opened the website and read the information, we immediately completed the 7-day Bootcamp (free) and soon after we signed up for the 13-week course. As the betrayed spouse I was hesitant and almost resistant to enter any type of program, but at the end of the day I wanted to salvage my marriage or at the very least find out why my wife entered into an affair. The lessons provided me with a step by step guide with how to navigate the ugly truth about affairs. I had no idea prior to the course about flooding, triggers, intrusive thoughts, empathy and that there was a way forward after an affair. Affair Recovery provided hope where I thought there was none. Along the way I did gain understanding as to why my wife entered into her affair. I am better off as a person and husband in taking the course. It forced or nudged me to look at myself and the role I play/played in the marriage. In many ways it brought my wife and I closer together and for this I am grateful to Rick and all the people at Affair Recovery. We just finished the course (August 2020) and we are not out of the woods at all. One thing I learned from Affair Recovery is that there are no quick fixes and that it will take time for the marriage to heal. Also, there will be pain but if we put in the effort our marriage will be stronger than it was before the affair. I truly believe this even though there are still some very difficult days and moments. The course definitely has taught me how to deal with those difficult days and moments in a much safer manner. It's not a 'club' any of us want to belong to but if you find yourself in this 'club', I can confidently say Affair Recovery is the place you want to land and land in as quickly as possible.

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