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I'm a betrayed man married to my spouse for 15 years. After learning of my wife's affair, I was totally incapacitated, shattered pieces on the ground. I was determined to survive but without any belief that recovery was possible. Today, I am nearly one year out from D-Day and can say with certainty we wouldn't be here without EMSO — it was invaluable. The resources gave me something to hold on to when I found myself "swimming underwater in the dark." Infidelity involves both trauma and death for the betrayed. Surviving and healing the trauma is necessary in order to grieve the death of yourself, and then comes the hard work of reestablishing a loving bond with the "tiger that mauled you." It requires a ton of courage, tenacity and endurance, but it's worth it. Hang in there people, you can get bitter or get better. This is an opportunity to transform your life into the one you've always wanted. Affair Recovery WILL help you get there.

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