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Had I not found this solution I may not have able to save my marriage, let alone save myself. I am 67 and a sex addict. My addiction was discovered and, needless to say, destroyed my marriage. I needed help and a route to recovery that was sustainable and measurable. I needed to find a way to give my wife proof of my intentions and ability to recover along with tools to support her in the hope we could survive and rebuild. Hope for healing and AR in general is a faith based platform, but even as an atheist I was able to adapt the program to take real value from it. The road to recovery is hard, it hurts and it is long BUT if you are sincere in your commitment to change, if you value hope to save your marriage and if you give in to it’s proven methods you can heal, you can change and you can begin again. I was in a very dark place with little hope, but I 100% committed to be a better me and Affair Recovery made my journey real and I continue today, after the course has finished to connect weekly with my group, to help them and receive help. I wish you a better future than you may see today, but I urge you to take the steps to recovery.

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A., FL