K. Cunningham

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What can I say about a community of fellow sojourners like the ones I found at Affair Recovery? They were and are a gift from God, an oasis of understanding and support amidst the agonizing tears, pain, and heartache of my husband's second affair. I found myself drowning in my sorrow and felt so lost and directionless, having great difficulty holding it together some days after discovery. I found Affair Recovery by doing an internet search and up popped Samuel and his words of wisdom, comfort and insight. My husband and I watched Samuel and others from AR during the second winter after discovery. The first year we were separated as he was still with the affair partner.. Unfortunately my husband did not agree with Samuel and others on many issues. We then tried a Boot camp together which then led to doing an EMSO the winter and spring of 2020. The material and group sessions were exactly what I needed to gain the healing in my own life that I longed for. I am, of course, still on that healing journey. Our group still meets every other week for the follow up with the Married For Life sessions. It is the connection with people who have experienced similar heartache and emotional upheaval that was so helpful for me. Although my husband participated in the sessions and did the lessons, which I am grateful for, he has not owned his actions and has not sought out any help on his own. This makes me very sad, but it does not feel life threatening like it had earlier on thanks to the wonderfully insightful information I have received from Affair Recovery. I have come to realize that I can only work on my own healing and leave my husband in the hands of the Lord. The library of videos and blogs continue to speak to my heart and aid me on my healing journey. The words thank you do not even come close to expressing my gratitude to the people at Affair Recovery. Many times I have recommended them to others and will continue to do so.

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EMSO Participant

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K. Texas