L. Alabama

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My husband and I just finished the EMSO course. I am the unfaithful wife and decided to suggest the course six months post D-Day. I was desperate and lost. My husband agreed to the course. I am so glad he did. This course taught me so much. It was so helpful in understanding how important communication and empathy are in this type of situation. The weeks that deal with the unfaithful spouses practicing empathy and learning how to really understand how their betrayed spouse might be feeling were especially helpful. The other couples on the weekly phone calls were extremely important in our healing. It’s incredible how connecting with other couples who are going through a similar hell that you’re going through is so pivotal in this journey. I remember in our early days after D-Day feeling SO HOPELESS. I would log in to Affair Recovery and read the EMSO reviews over and over again. It gave me hope in those absolutely heart-crushing days. Please really consider taking the EMSO course. I was scared when the course began, but you become so close to these other couples and it gets to where you look forward to those weekly phone calls. My husband and I are doing so much better just since these last 13 weeks have ended. I am so thankful for Affair Recovery.

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L. Alabama