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After being devastated by the disclosure of my husband’s 3 month emotional affair, I prayed and trusted God for guidance. I was broken and confused but felt compelled to show my husband grace and a chance to prove himself and possibly save what was left of our marriage. I started a desperate online search- which landed me on the Affair Recovery website. On the AR website we both found HOPE and answers to all our immediate questions, professional help- and the necessary guidance we needed to move into the right direction to save our marriage. The AR online library has resources available in the form of Q&As, short 8-10min videos (with helpful tips and discussions), longer videos (that sheds in-depth, professional light on each topic), individual and couples online courses, and forums for the betrayed-as well as the unfaithful spouses. We first enrolled and did the online Bootcamp which helped us get through the initial stages. Then we both enrolled in the individual courses, Hope for Healing and Harbouring Hope, and it was during this course I started experiencing a huge change in my husband defensiveness, and I found the support and practical help I needed to get me focused again. After our individual courses we immediately enrolled in the EMS Online course for couples and we finally reached a stage where my husband could fully disclose of his lifelong porn and sex addiction, and where I had the necessary emotional support to deal with the obliterating impact. We are due to start the Married for Life group meetings next week and are looking forward to the support and growth that will bring about. Affair Recovery has been a beacon of light during the darkest time in our lives and without their help and support we would not have had the help to survive the deep and devastating effects of betrayal.

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L. Australia