L. Crane

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I have recently completed the Hope for Healing 17 weeks course and have also completed EMSO. I have no doubt that without these programs and AR, my husband and I would not be where we are right now. My most recent affairs were discovered by my husband this past December. He discovered my first affairs over five years ago and neither one of us did the healing and recovery work that was necessary for me to understand my addiction or for him to heal at all. We did not know about AR then and I tried to do some recovery work on my own, but I never stopped my infidelity. We stayed together but it was always painful and we were never able to give the other what was needed to do any kind of healing. When my husband discovered my most recent affairs he immediately got online and came across AR. He decided immediately to do the bootcamp with or without me. I was ambivalent at that point but I decided to see what it was about. I now know that God put AR on our path at that moment. From December until this point we have both worked diligently together and separately on our individual healing and the healing of our marriage. I've gotten support and encouragement to help me deal with the shame of my infidelity. I have learned to forgive myself and forgive my husband for the wounds he and I both created. I've learned how crucial safety is for him... I've learned more about this addiction that I will have for the rest of my life. I've learned what I need to do to make sure I don't relapse again. I've learned that I am not alone on this journey and that I have a tribe of people who will continue to support me as long as I continue to be vigilant and seek their support. Because of AR and the programs that I've taken and my husband has taken, we are discovering our second marriage. We are taking it one moment and one day at a time and we continue to use AR forums and the people in our groups, our marriage has definitely been saved. So if you are in a place where you have no where else to turn, you are at the bottom and you feel there is no hope, reach out to AR, and begin a journey of hope and healing.

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HH & EMSO Participant

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L. Crane