M., Canada

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I discovered my husband’s infidelity and porn addiction 15 years into our marriage. It felt like the ground was removed from under my feet. My whole perception of reality was taken from me. I felt broken, lost and honestly didn't have much hope for ever feeling "normal" again. I heard about Affair Recovery through a friend who had gone through infidelity and sexual addiction in her marriage. After two more discoveries and my husband signing up for Hope for Healing, I signed up for Harboring Hope. Like most women who join the betrayed spouse side of things, I started out hurt and upset that I was forced into a healing I never asked for. Right from the first chapter, I found language for what I was going through. Not only was I suddenly not so alone, but I also had people who understood the absolute train wreck of emotions I was feeling. Every chapter, though painful, offered me a choice: to heal or to stay put. I'll admit, I have a long way to go, but every week brought truth and clarity to me. In a time when everything feels about as clear as mud, Harboring Hope really helped me find some stable ground again.

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M., Canada