M. Michigan

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I just finished up the Hope for Healing program and it has been very helpful on my journey to recovery with my wife. I am an unfaithful husband who had developed an addiction to porn, fantasizing about sex and objectifying women. These programs, along with my individual counseling, have shown to me just how devastating and destructive my behaviors were to my wife and our marriage. The H4H program has helped me to develop more empathy for my wife and to recognize the necessity of owning my mistakes and taking responsibility for my actions. The program also helped me to learn certain techniques to help my wife with the healing she needs. The last part of the program has been helpful in mapping out a plan to keep from relapsing once the program ends. The camaraderie that formed with the other men in my group was very helpful as we became teammates in working to help each other out during rough times and to also be a sounding board of ideas and thoughts. I am looking forward to continuing the connection to the men after the program ends. The program isn't set up to coddle you and tell you that you didn't do anything wrong, it's to hold you responsible and to help you develop the tools to help yourself in your recovery work. I definitely encourage anyone who is working towards reconciliation after an infidelity to seriously consider taking the class. You will get out of it as much as you put into it.

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M. Michigan