N. R., MO

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What Harboring Hope provided for me was a way for me to safely share my feelings regarding the infidelity with others who understood and were going through similar situations. It was almost like I had a weekly lunch date with some dear girl friends. The facilitator was excellent. Her job was not to provide therapy and advice, but to listen and to help the conversation move forward. The thing about infidelity, is it is something that we cannot share with everyone. And as we go through the grieving process, we often feel very alone. Unlike the passing of a loved one where everyone knows about it and they all gather around to help and support you, infidelity is something that is often experienced in isolation. Very few people know what happened and you can feel very alone. No one wants to grieve alone. I found myself looking forward to our Harboring Hope conversations more and more as each week passed. The weekly material that we were assigned to read and study prior to each class was also very helpful. The manual was excellent and helped us move through the process from understanding what happened with the affair, working through feelings of anger and sorrow, and eventually hoping to forgive and create a new life with or without our spouses. Moving forward, the ladies and I have exchanged our email addresses and we will continue to meet via zoom monthly in order to continue to provide support for one other. We are all still on the road to recovery but do not have to walk it alone.

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N. R., MO