R., Argentina

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I just finished EMS Online a few days ago and those 13 weeks ran so fast. It would have been impossible for me to move forward if it weren’t for Affair Recovery’s help. I truly think that God was taking care of me when I started to look for the right help on the web. I come from a family in which divorces and infidelity were common practice. They were not perceived as good things, but they were certainly natural. I grew up learning that attachment was a risk rather than a benefit. I truly thought that loving someone just meant to be together and provide support and company. After 30 years of marriage, my usual infidelities throughout my marriage started to haunt me. All of the lies that come along with a double life started to block my capacity to freely talk about me, my life and my problems. The marriage had fallen apart. And then, because of my nonattachment conduct, I decided it was time to divorce, which had been in my plans for many years. Only then did I decide to tell my wife about my infidelity, as a gift for her, so she would understand why I have failed and not feel bad about her part in our marriage. God was certainly there with us that day because instead of divorcing, we started this journey of understanding and working toward another opportunity for us and our many kids. I wish we would have gone through EMS Online before we got married. We would have avoided so much pain and used so much of the time we have already wasted. We learned how to communicate with deepness, about empathy and unconditional love, how to manage anger and triggers, and how much hope there is when you are honest and committed to each other. Your course should be mandatory for couples before they get married, and it is a blessing for those, like myself, that were in desperate need of help. Thank you, God, for putting Affair Recovery on my path.

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R., Argentina