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I was excited for the EMS weekend because my wife and I were at the end of our own strategies. As the weekend progressed I found concrete ideas, tips, and plans on how to improve my marriage. I learned how to effectively and deeply communicate with my wife. I could also see some relief come to my wife which in turn relieved me. At the end of the weekend I was filled with hope. On Sunday night, my wife and I did our Marriage Affirmation and developed a plan on how we were going to implement the other ideas. I was excited about Monday because I had all of these new tools that I wanted to begin using. I am confident that our marriage will be saved and will actually be stronger than before the affair. My wife and I agreed that the cost of the seminar was the best money we have ever spent on our marriage. Thank you to everyone at AR for making me feel comfortable and not judging me in the least. You truly made the weekend a safe place for me to open up.

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